REVISITED: Marm on the Lade and the village of Jamme

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I thought this deserved bringing back to the top of the page, i liked it when i wrote it and i still like it now, Hmmm, maybe this time some bugger will actually comment..

Ok, as you know i was asking questions about the reason Orange jam is the only jam that has it's own name.

Well, after some serious Googling i have pieced the story together...

It all began long ago in the mid 1600s in a small village in a valley in the southwest of England called Jamme.

The village was surrounded by fruit fields, fruit farming was the mainstay of the village and people came for miles around to buy some of the famous fruit grown there.

One of the things Jamme was most famous for was it's fruit preserves which they called Jam.

They had jams of all type; Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Elderberry... you name the fruit, they had the jam..

One thing they didn't have was Oranges.

Now, over on the other side of the valley was another village, near the river Lade was the little village of Marm, and one thing Marm had a lot of was Oranges, the people of Marm grew the best Oranges in the land and being a little jealous of the famous Jamme they decided to make a preserve of their own with their wonderful Oranges.

So this is what the did, but they knew they had to come up with different name, because if they called it Orange jam the other village would get the credit and the people of Marm couldn't stand that.

The name they came up with was Marmalade being for the village of Marm on the river Lade the name made perfect sense.

So ladies and gentlmen, if you ever wondered why it is that we don't have Orange jam, this is the story..

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