Computer scare!

Bloody hell, people! I almost thought my computer had died earlier this evening. It just wouldn't do anything. No lights where on at all, it didn't reboot, I couldn't shut it down properly and even sticking the XP cd in it helped! T was saying that it looked like my hard drive had died!

Imagine how I was cursing myself, because I've been neglecting to back-up my files and I was now staring the harsh realities of this square in the eyes!

But then... a miracle happened? Whatever it was, the computer somehow came back to life and you better believe the first thing I did was to back-up all the important stuff to the external hard drive.

From now on, I must back up my files every week. No excuses, just gotta do it!

...and you should too, if you don't already!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
10:59 PM


Don't miss the lunar eclipse on March 3!

More info here, here and here. And loads of other places too, but you'll have to go looking for that yourself. ;-)

Sunday, February 25, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
7:36 PM

Hot Fuzz

Yesterday we went to see the film Hot Fuzz, which I can only recommend. It's lots of fun and has a few excellent spoof moments. Notably, one of Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet. Oh, how I laughed at that one. Everyone else: not so much.

Oh sorry, what the film is about? Okay, a top cop from London is so good he is sent away (because he makes the rest of the Met look incompetent!) to the country (2-3 trains, and a taxi ride at night in the rain far out country) to a seemingly picture perfect quiet, (several times) village of the of the year, where nothing. ever. happens.

Of course they do, and that's where all the fun begins. Gun toting old ladies, vicars and hooded murderers. Gory in places, but in the too over the top, you can't but laugh at it kind of gory.

The people behind the film are the same who made Shaun of the Dead and the Brit tv series Spaced. Top laugh, I can even imagine getting this on dvd for future viewing pleasure. Watch it if you can!

Thursday, February 22, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
7:38 PM

On age...

For NM.

On Sunday someone at work asked me "how old are you?", I replied by asking "how old do you think I am?"

"23?" Nooo!

"25?" Nope! "Older?!" Yup!

"27, 28!?" Nope!

"You're...30?!?!" Yes! "Really??!"

I've decided to take it as a compliment, that I look younger than I am. The other option, that I act younger ("immature") than my age, is less flattering. Not sure why, and I'm not sure by which yardstick "matureness" is measured, but I feel like won't much like coming up short.

Although I am short, but that has nothing to do with this... ;-)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
9:58 PM

Shadow flowers

Shadow flowers
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Sorry about all the flower stuff lately. Not that I'm sorry, really, but it might not be to everyone's liking.

And this isn't really about flowers, but about the shadow of flowers! Aren't they fascinating?? So strange and pretty and so easily overlooked!

I think I might try turning it (or part of it) into a stencil to print on t-shirts or something. If I can be bothered to do all that cutting! ;-)

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9:39 PM

They may have withered...

Still beautiful
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But I still think the tulips are beautiful.

It's been interesting to see how (quickly!) the tulips went from their former glory to their current state. Yes, I've seen that before, but, it's till worth noting.

I regret not taking a picture of them every day. Maybe the next bunch! ;-)

Monday, February 19, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
5:18 PM

Doing the dishes

Just a little thing
Originally uploaded by wardi. you do, and it suddenly occurred to me how lovely the colours in these things were together. The purple mug (do you spot anything interesting about it, QT?, the green plate, the cutting board which seemed kind of blue.

I'm not normally attracted to subtle colours, but I guess today I was...

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9:05 PM

For a special 'mama

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Tulips make me happy

Red tulips
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Did you know?

They are so lovely, so colourful! And I could happily spend all day taking pictures of them...

Saturday, February 10, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
4:39 PM

"Og kanel bli'r strøet..."

Dinner: risengrød
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The title is a wee bit of a Danish song - just ignore if you're not familiar with it... ;-)

On a winter-y day like this, the perfect dinner is risengrød with cinnamon, sugar and a bit of butter melting in the middle!

Risengrød is kinda like rice pudding, but since I've never tried actual rice pudding, I can't really compare the two. Anyway, it's a certain kind of rice, boiled with milk.

It is yummy! And you have to eat it while it's hot, so the butter is melting in the middle... we used to eat this a lot when I was little, so it's kind of a nostalgic thing for me as well...

Sadly, T doesn't like it. More for me, then. ;-)

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9:32 PM

Go have a play!

Playing around #3
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This picture is made using the Amazing Circles tool on Go have some fun with it!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
8:24 PM

He's the best!

Sometime last year, I told T that by Christmas I wanted our shopping list (we write one every week, it's almost like a religious act. Orrr not.) to be in Danish. And it was! Except for the English stuff that doesn't have a name in Danish.

Usually, T writes it, and only rarely do I have to tell him how to spell a word. Even the words that use one, or more, of the extra three Danish letters. I'm quite proud of him (like, really, Really, REALLY proud of him!).

And I was even more so the other day when he told me that he was going to look into doing a Danish course!! That came as a complete surprise to me. But a happy one!

I doubt he could be a greater guy even if he tried! xxx

Friday, February 02, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
8:29 PM