Hey, not a lot of activity on this blog at the moment. But plenty on the other one! I've been doing a lot of drawing lately, which I've been posting about, and some thoughts on drawing.

I'm also busy making stuff for a craft fair I'm participating in. IN THREE WEEKS! Cor, I'm a bit nervous about it! I'm trying not to have too big expectations for it in case I sell nothing and people don't like my stuff. Better to be prepared for not selling anything, than thinking I'll be raking it in. Although, fingers crossed, hoping for the best! ;-)

And because it makes perfect sense to go away for a few days when I should be at home making stuff for that fair, we're going to Denmark. Me on Friday and T on Saturday.

He can't go on Friday because it's his last day at his current job! He'll have two weeks holiday and then he starts at his new job in London. Yay, commuting! ;-/

Saturday, September 30, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
11:01 AM

Links for you. Woo!

Edible origami. {via}

Grumpy Freak Show. Custom toys. Look for the Star Wars ones!

Like the Tolkien universe? You'd probably like the Shire, then!

The best time to buy everything.

Expensive Cameras in Checked Luggage.

Pileus. The umbrella that is a photo browser. I want one!

Hogwartz made from matchsticks.

Onion goggles. I think I've seen it all now.

The First Invisibility Shield.

World Sunlight Map.

The story of the colour red. Hmmm...

Picture from Transformers, maybe?

One phone number to rule them all. Eh.

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7:39 AM

Sock season

Originally uploaded by wardi.
We're still having pretty nice weather despite being just a few days away from October. But there are sure signs that autumn is actually here.

Like wearing socks!

All through summer the only socks I wear are when we go to the gym, but now it's autumn I can't escape them when leaving the house.

My feet no likey wearing socks, but I don't like having cold feet either.

And in winter I actually wear socks at night, because we sleep with the bedroom window open and that equals freezing feet!

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9:56 PM

Blowing bubbles

Catching bubbles
Originally uploaded by wardi.
We had so much fun this afternoon!

We went to T's parents' for a barbeque (which is a rare occurrance in itself, especially at this time of year!), because the weather has been so nice, and was today as well.

T's sister and her family was there as well, so we played with T's nephew. We blew bubbles and he smashed them. So much fun; everyone should blow bubbles at least once a week!

Later, because our feet had become dirty from running around outside, T's dad brought out a bowl (not the right word.. but I can't think of the right one. C'mon QT, help me out, what's the English word for balje??) of soapy water so we could wash our feet.

When T's bro-in-law stuck his feet in the water, Nephew started to "wash" his feet, and after that there was no stopping him. We all had to stick our feet in the water and he "washed" them!

We were laughing so hard! And at the end, he tipped over the bowl so the tiles on the patio got all wet, and all that washing was pretty much useless! But we were still laughing!

Later we were watching telly and there was a little trailer thing for the Star Wars film they are showing on Saturday, and Nephew pointed at the telly and said something to the effect of "what's that? I want to watch". Wooo! I'll make him a Star Wars fan yet!

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9:37 PM

It was a warm day

September 21
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I went to the library,
brought home some books.

Chinese watercolours,
Mexican art.

On the way home
I picked up some chestnuts
and a twig.

After dinner
we had chocolate chip cookies.

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8:32 PM

When to use email - or not?

Ok, the book this is taken from is a few years old, but, it's not that old. Looks like the author is pretty oldfashioned though.

It's a weird paragraph. What it's basically saying is that he doesn't like email (maybe what he's really trying to say is that they are the Devil's work??!) and he thinks noone should use them. Who cares? I think he could have used the space for something more useful...

From this book.

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This was flying around in circles above our flats for 10-15 minutes this afternoon. Y9ou may be able to see that it says Essex Police on it. There was another one (the same? how many helicopters do they have??) doing the same the other day.

I'm wondering; what kind of neighbourhood is this??

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8:33 PM

Yarr me hearties!

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day.

In case you didn't know. Or forgot.

And I'm crap at talkin' like a pirate. Apart from the "Yarrrrrr!" bit. I do the "Yarrrrrrr!" fairly well.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
8:57 PM

Something of importance

This is for the readers who either live in Århus, live close to Århus or know someone who does.

In Århus there's a place called Huset. It's a place where people can go and do arty and crafty things. I've been there a few times to do life drawing. It is a really cool place, and important to the city.

But the politicians are plotting to shut it down! In an attempt to save some money; by losing an important cultural institution.

That's neither here nor there, so: if you are one of the above people, go to and sign the petition to not have Huset it shut down.


And pass on the link to anyone who might have even the slightest interest in this! Thanks!

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Hey, look what I made!

AT-AT t-shirt
Originally uploaded by wardi.
The AT-AT glows in the dark. How rad is that??

Custom made for Kudos. ;-b

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Up close and 'Hoff

David Hasselhoff
Originally uploaded by wardi.
The 'Hoff made an appearance at the local shopping centre to sign his autobiography. We were there for other stuff, but thought we'd go down and have a look.

We waited 45 mins because he was stuck in traffic! What happened to being choppered in, eh??

Of course I had my camera with me, and you can see some more pictures of him in this set. But this here one is the best. If I hadn't been so busy with my camera, I could have shook his hand; we were that close.

While we were waiting, there was this REALLY pushy security lady. She kept telling people to back off, but in the most rude manner. The male security staff were much more friendly; even chatting to people...

T overheard some young people (late teens?) asking "Who are they waiting for? Who's David Hasselhoff?"

Are we THAT old?

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4:20 PM

Almost too much cuteness

Thursday, September 14, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
7:17 PM

I thought that was her...

I'm watching this programme at the moment: Three Gorges. About a damn they are building in China, across the Yangtze river (and it's a damn big damn I tells ya!).

I thought it was Jodie Foster doing the narration. And so it is.

It's interesting to see this, cause recently I saw one of the programmes that Michael Palin has done where he is travelling (I can't remember which series it's in; he's been pretty much everywhere, hasn't he? But it's from the early 90's.) through exactly these places. And he talks to the people who live(d ?) in the area. They had to be relocated to make way for the water behind the damn.

The story he told was a rather bleak one, you feel that he bemoans the loss of the area and he feels for the people who will be affected by the damn. But this documentary I'm watching right now paints a different picture: the damn is a modern wonder of engineering etc, on a par with the Great Wall, and a positive thing to happen to the area.


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For my wee sister

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Green plate with homemade bread
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I like baking.
Last week I made some bread,
we had it with tomato soup.
Later we had the rest
with a bit of butter.
We buy Danish butter for me.

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I have a hankering for some liquorice

And not just any kind of liquorice. No. I want me some of these.


The most popular of its kind in Denmark. In fact, 600 millions are gobbled down each year! (But they are fairly small...) Mostly by Danes, cause, let's face it, outside of Scandinavia not many people dig the salty liquorice goodness.

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9:42 PM

Still summer??

Originally uploaded by wardi.
We went round to T's parents' house today. And I took a load of pictures of the flowers in their garden. More than forty! They (some of them anyway; they didn't all make the cut ;-) ) are on Flickr. In the Flower set...

We've had such lovely weather here today, 25°C ish - and tomorrow is supposed to be even better: in the very high 20's. Wasn't I just lamenting the exit of summer??

Sunday, September 10, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
9:49 PM

And I'm Natalie Portman!

We just watched Star Wars Shortened. Funny stuff, people. And a wee bit difficult to describe. Easiest thing would be to watch the trailer. ;-)

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Just a silly little thing...

I'm not obsessed with Flickr... No, not at all...

wardi. Get yours at

Get your own over at flagrantdisregard.

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Logofied Yoda

Originally uploaded by wardi.
I think I mentioned that they are showing all six Star Wars movies are being shown on Sky at the moment.

So they've got these little logos on the screen sometimes. I've seen this one and a Vader one (there's a picture of that on Flickr too).

Just thought I'd share... ;-)

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What? You need pointless links to waste time on??

Photographing squirrels. A photoset on Flickr.

Little People. A tiny street art project. In the streets of London - I want to go look for them all!

Flickr forcing artists to become 'non-public', known by them as 'NIPSA'.

Cassette Generator. Whip out that Walk-man!

Cardboard troopers.

Pizza fork.

Make a cloud of the most common words on your blog/website
. And then you're supposed to put it on a t-shirt.

A4 paper cut. I think I might have posted this before, but this is just so wonderful, it can bear another view.

Animate your inanimates. Fun!

Glow in the dark bubble bath. T loves his baths...maybe I should surprise him with some of this. Oops, surprise spoiled. D'oh!

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It's all NM's fault

Your Bumper Sticker Should Be

Give me ambiguity - or give me something else

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Plus ONE

I had seen that it was getting close, but then I forgot to keep an eye on *how* close, so the 1000th post went un-celebrated!

So I'm celebrating the 1000 + 1th post instead. So many pictures, thoughts and words. When I started blogging I don't think I had any idea that I'd stick with it this long. Thank you for stopping by!

Here's to another 1000 + 1!

PS: If you want to learn how to make rounded corners on pictures (in the GIMP), head over to the other blog, there's a link to a tutorial on how to do just that!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
9:57 PM

The Scream is safe!

The paintings "Madonna" and "The Scream" have been found. Happy news! It would have been a real pity if they had been lost. {link}

Munch is one of my favourite artists, and seeing these and other paintings in Oslo in 2000 was very special.

Monday, September 04, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
9:14 PM


The other day I discovered that now you can put geo-tag your photos on Flickr. That is cool, just because. ;-)

And real easy too, in the Organizr you just pick the Map tab and then drag and drop your photos in the relevant spot on the map.

I also just heard about Google Apps for your domain. To me this is really cool.

As you might know, I use Gmail (and I'm ever so happy with it, can't recommend it enough, really! Let me know if you want one!), I've been using it for over a year and apart from the massive amount of storage you get (for free, you know!), it also has a lot of neat features.

But what I especially like about it is that I virtually never get any spam. I think I've received less than 10 since I've been using it. Not so with the email addresses I've created on my own domain. Loads and loads of spam, so I pretty much never use them.

However, this may be about to change. Because of Google Apps for your domain. It lets you use Gmail for the email accounts on your domain. That is so great! Hopefully, I've set it up correctly; it does involve venturing into the advanced DNS settings on your domain!

Ok, geeky moment is over. For now. ;-)

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