It's been a pleasure, guys

Three years ago I accidentially discovered the West Wing. I'm not sure exactly why it caught my attention, but after watching a few times I was hooked! And I'm not usually someone who gets interested enough in a tv series to watch every episode I possibly can!

Tonight they are showing the last two episodes ever of the series, and you know, I'm kinda sad. It's just such a great show! So interesting, funny, smart, great characters and everything else I could wish from a tv show.

I'm going to miss it!

Bartlet for President!

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The almighty truck?

Truck with balls!
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Ok, just so you know, this picture has nothing to do with this (per se), I just finally found a reason to blog it. ;-)

Via BoingBoing I found this: photos on Flickr tagged with ycantpark. They clearly show that the employees at Yahoo! can't park! Go take a look!

And those pictures raise the question I kept asking myself when I was in California: why do Americans seem to love their trucks so much??

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Mmmm... chocolate!
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When you're on summer holiday you HAVE to have icecream, right??! We had some lovely icecream in Ribe, supposedly Denmark's oldest town. And it's a very pretty town too! Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go see the Viking museum there. Maybe next time.

We stayed in a summer house that my parents had rented on an island called Rømø. It is a strange place. In some places the beach stretches for about 2 kilometres between the dunes and the actual sea! The island itself is actually quite dull, albeit pretty.

We went to a little village called Møgeltønder where one of the Danish princes has a castle, Schackenborg Slot. The town is awfully pretty, with cobbled streets and old houses. It also has a church which is very decorated by Danish standards.

Most churches have bare white walls, because all the old murals were cover during the Reformation. So that was nice to see, cause I like old murals! Although I'm not sure whether the murals have been left since the Reformation, or have been restored later.

Møgeltønder is really close to the border with Germany, so, as all good Danes do when they are that close to the neighbour to the south, we had to go there so my parents could buy some beer and wine. Such are cheaper in Germany than in Denmark.

On the way to Møgeltønder we had our lunch by the lock in the village of Højer. A lock is a place where boats can be let through the dykes protecting the low-lying land from the sea. They have a pole there which shows the height of the water at different times when the sea did flood the area. Interesting to see. A couple of the markers on the pole were placed at almost twice the height of T - and he's no small chap!

We also passed a flea market and we just had to stop. They had so many cool things, and A LOT of junk. So much fun. Unfortunately - or fortunately?! - our limited bagage allowance with Ryanair prevented us (haha, me) from buying any of the cool stuff. But I really regret not getting the mannequin arm...

My parents had the house for a week, but T and I only stayed for an extended weekend. On the day we went back to my parents' house (by train - which wasn't late, QT. Although it was a VERY hot train!), we drove by some big sculptures just outside a town called Esbjerg. Those things are HUGE!

The rest of our holiday we spent just being lazy, visiting or have some of my friends drop by. All in all a lovely time.

More pictures from our holiday can be found here.

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9:09 PM

Christmas in July

The things you see on telly...
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I was flipping through the channels on telly and I stumbled on this. Can you believe it?! Christmas in July!

Now, I do like to get my Xmas shopping done early, but this seems a bit excessive! I mean, it's July for Pete's sake!

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Damn hot!

Damn hot!
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We're havin a heat wave
A tropical heat wave
The temperatures rising

We really are. It is very uncomfortable. Just look at those temperature readings from today!

Ok, the afternoon one was right in the sun, so the 47°C probably isn't completely true. However, there's been atleast 33°C in our flat.

Too hot!

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So many links, so little time

Star Wars belt buckles. I don't wear belts often, but T's birthday is coming up...hmmmm...

Larry Carlson // Digital Art. Odd or beautiful? You decide.

The Wookieepedia. Well, duh!

Photo series by Julie Blackmon. Beautiful!

Origami art. Ok, I think I may have posted this before, but it's so darn cool, I don't think it matters. ;-) Check out the artblög!

Superman vs. a Jedi. What do you reckon?

Necessaries toy foundation. Too kool!

Saturday in the Park with Friends Painting Seurat on the Rock River. A photoset on Flickr. Pretty cool!

Ghost Busters as a gif "movie". Neat.

Strange statues around the world. Some of the are really strange!

WindFire Cursor. It's a kite that looks like a mouse cursor. Huh!

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Say what??

For reasons that I shan't reveal here, I am compelled to say this:

I love you, Orange Dude.


Oh and, we're back home. In case you hadn't figured it out already. There'll be a post with pictures soon.

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Blue amber?

My mum bought me some very pretty amber earrings the other day; with three different colours of amber. I love them so much!

And it got me thinking: hey, a ring with blue amber would be so cool. Very different, too! I told T, and he said he knew. HOW!? Because he knows me so well, and knows what I like. And he knows I definitely don't want diamonds. No blood on my hands, thank you very much! ;-)

So I've been looking around to see where one might acquire such a ring, but with no luck so far. So I ask you: do you know where it is possible to buy (pretty, stylish!) blue amber jewelry??

Any help wpuld be greatly appreciated!

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8:13 PM

Evening gold

We're back from our little holiday with my parents. It was a nice little island we went to, but very hot.

There's loads more pictures of course, but they will have to wait til I get home. For now here's one from our last evening there, the sun setting over grass just after 10pm. Posted by Picasa

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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Gawd, I hate that song.

Anyway, we're off to look at some waves and sand, take some pictures, eat icecream and, who knows, maybe build a sandcastle or two. ;-)

A bientôt!

Saturday, July 15, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
9:55 AM

Rudely awakened

At the moment my parents are doing some redecorating on their house. They are having the front door changed, and the carpenter was supposed to have been here at 9am yesterday, but he didn't turn up at all.

Luckily I'd set the alarm for 7am this morning as well, cause at 7:15, when I was still lying in bed contemplating staying there for another 30 mins, and not at all dressed, I suddenly heard the key being turned in the front door (and yes, in Denmark you can give your key to workmen like that without fearing that they will drink all your beer run off with the whole house!) and it was the carpenter!

So out of bed I flew and jumped into the nearest items of clothing so I could go and let them know that there is actually someone here. So they can't play loud music as some workmen do, like they friggin' own the place.

I hope they don't take too long doing what they need to do, cause I had plans to the effect of sun-bathing in the garden and, errr, I don't think I'd be doing that with them around.

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7:08 AM


I've not been back in Denmark since my birthday and it's kinda weird being here... Everything seems to have stayed exactly the same, yet there is a lot of things that are different.

Like driving through the city on the bus from the airport yesterday, I saw a wholve bunch of new buildings had mushroomed, some roads have been widened and yet other buildings have been torn down. It's funny how going away from what is familiar makes you notice everything so vividly.

It's strange how I feel like people (and I'm talkin' 'bout complete strangers here) would comment on my being back here. Isn't it odd? Like they would know I'd been away - that I'm living in a different country.

Also I notice how different the landscape is here to the English one; although I can't exactly put my finger on what it is that makes it so different. There are fields in both countries, and trees and shrubs, cows and the occasional horse. It feels like Denmark is more open, more ready to let people in, welcoming, smiling, embracing people.

England on the other hand; an Englishman's home is his castle. Just look at the windows on most houses, they are not terribly big compared to what you see in Denmark. Maybe they are less there for letting in the light and more a means for curtain twitching and keeping an eye on potential intruders. And perhaps the landscape is like that too. I don't know.

It probably doesn't make much sense. But I am tired and caouldn't care less even if I tried.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss Denmark.

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9:45 PM

I love surprising people!

Because it was my mum's birthday on Monday I had intended to come to Denmark on that day and surprise her, but then my dad told me they were going to be out of town, so I couldn't do that.

What I did do instead was come over yesterday, before they came back from their wee mini-trip so that I'd be here when they returned. And the look on mym mum's face, when she saw me standing in the doorway, was definitely worth getting up for at 4am. ;-)

In my family it is tradition that you have hot cocoa with homemade buns (and sometimes cake) on your birthday, so I had prepared that for when they came home (although I didn't make the buns, only heated them), so it was like a birthday for my mum. Whipped cream for the cocoa, little Danish flags stuck into the buns and presents that she was very pleased with.

Nice surprises are good.

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Odd number of glasses??

I've been wondering about the packaging of glasses. Atleast in England and Denmark for some reason you can usually only buy drinking glasses in packs of three. That is such an odd number (no pun intended).

Why three??

If you buy packs of drinks there are usually like four or six. But not so with the glasses you drink your drink from.

I suspect it must be a way of getting people to buy more! I'm sure the glass manufacturers know that people will need more than three glasses.

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In the (unlikely) event that MTV Cribs paid you a visit what would be in your fridge??

The things I wonder about...

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Belgian chocolate
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T's parents have been to Belgium for the weekend - it was a birthday to present to T's dad from us and T's sister and her hubby - and they brought us some nice chocolate.

Those in the bag are for T, plain chocolates, he doesn't like any fancy-schmancy kinds. And the ones in the box are for me, I do like me some fancy-schmancy chocolate.

And speaking of birthdays:today is my mum's birthday. We phoned her and sang a Danish birthday song this morning. She was still in bed. At 8 am! So not like my mum!

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, søde mor.

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Star Wars dance routine

Yoda is freaky! {via}

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Es ist tragisch

What was Zidane thinking?? Nomatter what the other player said, you just can't do that!

Thank goodness this whole football madness is over. Now we can concentrate on a really interesting sport: Tour de France!

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2:47 PM

Happy day!

Pink bathmat
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I posted about wanting (needing!) a pair of new flipflops - more specifically a pair of brown Havaianas. Well, today I got them! Thanks to the wonder that is eBay!

Yay! My feet never looked so good! fact my feet never look good... but nevermind that. ;-)

The other happy news of the day is that this morning at 6am one of my very dear friends had a baby boy! I suspect we shall be paying the proud parents a visit when we go to Denmark! ^_^

Happy Birth Day, Mathias!

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11:34 PM

Ewan MacGregor is a big tomato!

I am not joking. FilmFour (a film channel overhere) will be launching soon as FREE - before it wasn't free - and they're showing a very interesting ad for it at the moment.

At first I didn't really take any notice of it, but then I looked again at the guy in the tomato suit and it's none other than Ewan MacGregor and the lady in the lobster suit is of course Dame Judi Dench! Other filmstars in the ad are: Mackenzie Crook, Willem Dafoe and Lucy Liu. There are a few others, but I can't remember their names right now... ;-)

I've been looking for the actual ad, but I can't seem to find it... I'll post it when I find it. Do let me know if you've seen it online somewhere!

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11:00 AM

You guys are in for a real treat

In the spring of 2001 (is it really that long ago?!) I went to Paris on a, err, field trip while I was studying art history. We went to loads of arty and history-y places and somewhere along the way I caught some kind of cold or whatever.

The result of which was that I spent a whole day cooped up in the hotel room with nothing to entertain me but the telly. (Although there was of course the fab view of the Sacre Coeur, but that got old pretty quick...)

And on that telly I saw this video. It's not the best video, by far, and the fact that Lorie has been called France's Britney isn't exactly doing much for it either, BUT! Just listen to it, you can't help but love this song. You just want to sing along to it, even if you don't understand a word of French!

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11:28 AM

My brothers, my sisters

...everybody on Earth descends from somebody who was around as recently as the reign of Tutankhamen, maybe even during the Golden Age of ancient Greece. There's even a chance that our last shared ancestor lived at the time of Christ.


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Havaianas, please

I love my trusty old flip flips, they are so nice to wear, but unfortunately, after three years of use, I'm afraid I have to get some new ones. Sure, T will probably argue that I have other flip flops, even fancy ones with sequins and such. But that's just not the same!

So I have my eye on a brown pair of "Top" Havaianas. I imagine that it would be like wearing chocolate on my feet, and that can't be a bad thing! And brown is a neutral colour, but not quite as boring as black, eh.

Monday, July 03, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
10:09 PM

Hot junkie

Over the weekend, I (we)'ve eaten a lot of bad things... On Friday we went to Burger King - something which we try not to do, because it's bad Bad BAD for you!

Saturday round T's parents we had chocolate cake and chocolate. And yesterday I had pizza for dinner, and later we had some of the leftover chocolate cake.

Today I feel...not hungry, but like I could just devour any fatty or carb-y food within reach. And I'm contemplating whether to have leftover pizza tonight... Yeah...

The last month I've been cutting back on all these tempting foods, and now I see why I HAVE to keep them away from my system as much as I can. I feel like I'm a junkie* who's just had a fix for the first time in a long time and now I can't wait for the next one.

So. No pizza for me tonight. Rice and vegetables.

...although considering the heatwave we're having (am I the only one who wants to sing that song with Marilyn Monroe when you hear the word "heatwave"?), I'd happily just have icecream for dinner.

*No wonder they call it junk food. ;-)

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Nuff said.

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Food for thought

Rest not! Life is sweeping by;
Go dare before you die.
Something mighty and sublime,
Leave behind to conquer time.

Johann W. von Goethe

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Here's a handy tip for ya

If you need to send an ecard with a specific image, try - cause you can send the posters (well, the images on the posters...) as e-cards.

Cool, eh?

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