Thanks for calling! 2 years

The other day I renewed the domain subscription for, so I find it rather suitable, if only for my own satisfaction, I'm well aware that you might find this thoroughly insignificant, to celebrate it. And perhaps look back a bit.

For a while I used it only as a home to the weblog, then it doubled as a portfolio and a "bit of everything". And now it's back to being mainly the weblog.

At the beginning the weblog was mostly (boring, I admit it) navel gazing, but now it's a bit of everything. Little stories, strange links, thoughts about films and, recently, quite a few photographs.

I've recently added a few new sections, the toast page, a photolog and an Illolog (my collected Illustration friday entries).

I hope you like what you see/read here. But if you don't, well, see below. It's been quite a journey, and I feel like I've learnt a fair few things. About writing, web coding and, most importantly, about not caring what other people think about what I put here.

Cause it's my space, you know, so you can just go fuck yourself. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. ;-)

Sunday, October 30, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 6:40 PM

Blue apron

Blue apron, originally uploaded by wardi.

Isn't that a spectacular blueness???

Saturday, October 29, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 7:07 PM

It's a good day for Star Wars

This morning I got Ep. III in the mail. YIPEEE!!!

We watched Ep. I last night because we had a feeling Ep. III might arrive today, so tonight we're watching Ep. II and tomorrow it's Ep. III - I can't wait to see it again!! Plus there's all the extras to get stuck into!!

And this afternoon we bought Star Wars Monopoly. And Simpsons Cluedo (buy 1 get 1 at ½ price in Woolworths), but I digress. I'm not very good at Monopoly, and generally find it rather boring, but since it's Star Wars it makes it a lot more interesting! ;-)

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As you may know, I use the Firefox browser and untill yesterday afternoon I've had nothing but praise for it.

But last yesterday it just sorta...imploded. All the extensions I had installed, all the tweaks I had made to it...G-O-N-E. So I spent a good bit of yesterday evening installing all the extensions and getting it back to its tweaked state.

The only blessing in this has been that I have all my bookmarks on, and only a few stored in the browser. And considering how many book marks I've got, that IS a blessing!

Anyway, I still like my Firefox and I would still recommend it. :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 8:24 PM

Meet Darth Vadar!!

I got a newsletter with that title today, and though I normally delete newsletters without looking at them, I had to have a peep at this one.

How can you spell Vader wrong???

Darth Vadar email

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Drawing cheap

When I draw I like using cheap pens.

I think it's because they allow me to be...more free. See, if I'm using something that's rather expensive, then I feel a certain pressure on myself. Because I want to make a good drawing so I don't 'waste' the more expensive materials.

That makes sense, doesn't it??

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How sexy is your brain??

Nay, what sex is your brain?? ;-)

Take the quiz here. Takes quite a bit of time to go through all six stages of the quiz.

I seem to have scored quite high on the more male dominated areas (maybe that's why I like looking at maps!), but also on the artistic side of things(go figure!).

Let's compare results, eh?

BBC brain sex quiz results

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Eclectica vinculorum

This is funny because of the last sentence.

Star Wars Origami. And this time I don't think you need a metro ticket. ;-)

Empire Strikes Back colour palette. Thanks Odi!

What kind of thinker are you?? Me:
You are a Spatial Thinker

Spatial Thinkers:
* Tend to think in pictures, and can develop good mental models of the physical world.
* Think well in three dimensions
* Have a flair for working with objects

Like other spatial thinkers, Leonardo had a talent for designing buildings and machinery. He also invented a new style of map making

Other Spatial Thinkers include
Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Careers which suit Spatial Thinkers include
Mechanic, Photographer, Artist, Architect, Engineer, Builder, Set designer

Star Wars L'expo. Someone please send me to Paris to see this!! Please, I'm beggin' ya!

The Inscrutable 8-Ball Revealed. I bet you've always wanted to know what's inside an 8-Ball. These people took one apart.

McDonalds of the world. A collection of pictures of McDonalds "restaurants" around the world.

The Phrontistery. If you like unusual words like I do, you'll love this site! There, you will find a 15,500-word dictionary of obscure and rare words, the International House of Logorrhea, as well as many glossaries, word lists, and other English language and etymology resources.

The Carpet People. Scan of this book with original illustrations by Terry Pratchett (who is also the author).

John Galliano Spring/Summer 2006. Admittedly, there's not much fashion on this page, but I had to post this, because (some of) the models are more like real people than is usual at fashion shows. (Although some of them do look rather freaky, but who am I to judge...)

Farmer Donkey. You might want to turn off the sound after a few seconds... It has a nice ending, though... You just need some science every now and again... Nuff said.

Sigikid Characters. Oh how cute are they??

Random webcams from around the world. We're all lurkers, really... ;-b

Flower Maker @ Pretty and flowery.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 4:54 PM

Virtual pet

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:38 PM

Illustration Friday Remote

Illustration Friday Remote
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I sometimes have trouble falling asleep at night. I usually go to bed same time as T, but I'm more of an evening/night person than he is. So I often lay awake, mind running wild with thoughts and ideas.

So I lay there, trying to will me self asleep...grasping for that elusive sleep that feels so remote...

Original is a pencil and marker drawing. I played around with it in Photoshop and added colour, SFX and typography.

Click on the image to see larger version.

Monday, October 24, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:00 PM

Vader poster

Vader poster
Originally uploaded by wardi.
So, the Ep. III DVD is only one week away (here in the UK anyway), and I thought I'd...celebrate that a bit.

Of course, I will be in Denmark on Monday, so I wont be able to watch the DVD till I get home on the 4th. Bleh.

This poster is actually made up of 3 posters that came with this month's Total Film. On the reverse are R2-D2, Chewie and Obiwan & Anakin.

I want this and this. Please. ;-)

posted by Wardi @ 8:36 PM

Gromit mug

Gromit mug
Originally uploaded by wardi.
Have you seen the PG Tips commercial with Wallace and Gromit?? You can get a Gromit mug FREE with a pack of tea!

Well, seeing as we love W&G, we had to get them, didn't we??

As the picture shows, Gromit's nose goes red when you pour hot water into it. How cool!

Sunday, October 23, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 7:44 PM


Why do people call each other 'honey' ('babes', 'sugar', 'whatever')??

Yeah, I know it's a term of endearment, but sometimes it seems like people call each other that more than their real name.

What's up with that??

Is it because they suddenly forgot their partner's name??

posted by Wardi @ 3:05 PM

My desk

My desk
Originally uploaded by wardi.
This is my desk.

What does yours look like??

What's on it??

Click on the image, I've put 20+ notes on the picture; they tell the story of the things on it.

posted by Wardi @ 3:02 PM

Wardi does Serenity

This is a bit overdue, as we saw this film last Monday, so...

Serenity, as you may know, is based on the short-lived (why?) tv series Firefly. However, you don't have to have seen the tv series to "get" the film. It helps towards establishing the characters and the universe. (Like I would know, I've only watched 2 episodes or something like that. ;-b )

Speaking of universe, it has the same "used universe" feel to it as the first SW films, it seems like a place where people actually live (however bleak their lives may be). So much so that there are actually mentioning of being hungry and there is one scene where FOOD is clearly visible; even what looks like nice rolls!

And there is furniture that looks like something people would like to sit on, soft and made of wood and fabric, not plastic or some other spacy material. It seems human. The same can be said for the costumes, they go well with the rest of the universe. Though a few of the characters' clothing seem odd:

River's clothes, looks like rather flimsy dresses, isn't she cold?? And her bare feet!?? Inara never looks like she's in any kind of danger; her clothes are always immaculate and lavish garments, and she changes them often!

The characters, they seem like 'real' people, as close to it as sci-fi characters can get anyway, eh? They have their quirks and some of them are downright geeky!

The dialogue is quite..witty, especially where main character Mal is concerned. It reminds me a lot of Han/Leia/luke dialogue.

Something that annoys me a bit, is the commercials, they are very colourful and appear really Japanese inspired. I don't have a problem with that as such, it's just that it seems like a lot of sci-fi offerings of late draw their inspiration from there. Attack of the Clones come to mind. Same goes with lettering, more Japan inspiration. Odd that they use that as inspiration when most of the characters are non-Asian.. so it doesn't make a lot sense that a remnant of Japan is the basis of the alphabet??

The battle in space reminds me a lot of SW, but heck, SW invented epic space battles, didn't they?? Oh and I'm fairly sure that at one point I saw a space vehicle of some sort that looked like a TIE fighter, only slightly bigger and more grey-ish...

The only thing I didn't like about the film was the Reavers, but that's because one of the scariest things, I can imagine, is when people turn inhuman and against their very nature. :-|

I really liked the film, and I'll recommend it to anyone who's the least bit into sci-fi! And I'm actually hoping they make another! Maybe that one would get a bit more advertising, it doesn't seem like Universal have been to keen to help it succeed??

Verdict: 5 x 5 out of 6 Ws

posted by Wardi @ 12:16 PM

I'm not buying that!

A wee while ago, T and I were at Lakeside, doing a bit of shopping. As we were passing one of the promotional booths they got there, a sales lady approached us and before we had time to blink she was covering my hands in some kind of scrub.

Allegedly it was from the Dead Sea, or somewhere like that, and it was supposed to do all kinds of lovely things to your skin because of the salt and all the minerals and what-not that was in it. And I must admit that it did make my hands feel soft and smooth, but not enough to even consider buying it.

I think it was like £30 for a small tub, and she was 'willing' to do me a deal (2 tubs for £50 - what a bargain!), because she was sure that if I tried it and liked it I'd be so happy with it that I'd buy all my friends and family some of the stuff as Christmas presents!

Yeah, right.

I only thought about this little incident again because the other day I made my Limey Goodness scrub and it made my skin feel EXACTLY like whatever it was that she had in those tubs. So, I can make something with the same effect for about £1...

Hey, I bet I could sell that if I spun a good yarn about it, eh??

Friday, October 21, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 12:25 PM

Illustration Friday Cold

Illustration Friday Cold
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I almost instantly knew what I wanted to do for this I.F. - I wanted to use a photo of me in some form or other. It was taken outside, in the snow, I was 3 years old at the time and packed in layers of winter clothing.

I decided to make a drawing of it, because I think I should draw more! So I did, and combined it with a photo I took of my parents' garden a few years ago. The 2 elements are put together in Photoshop.

Doesn't she look cute?? (I find it difficult to think of her as me!) All bundled up and ready to have fun in the snow!

I'm not sure I'm completely happy with the 'coldness' of it. But I like the original drawing, so I really should stop being so critical!

Thursday, October 20, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 10:43 AM

Gmail Google Mail

When I logged in to my Gmail account this morning, there was a "news flash" link at the top of the screen. The link led me to:

The story behind the new "Google Mail" name

You may have noticed the Google Mail logo. We are changing our service's name in the UK. Starting October 19, 2005, all new users will have addresses. Don't worry, though – all messages are being sent and delivered as before.

Why the name change then?

We have been involved in a dispute regarding the Gmail trademark in the UK. Another company has claimed rights to the Gmail name. We have tried to resolve this dispute through negotiations, but our efforts have failed.

And they've got more to say about it. Google Mail in the UK.

Very interesting. I wonder who it is that's disputing the almighty Google's rights to the Gmail name.

posted by Wardi @ 10:16 AM


Have you seen the video to Robbie Williams' new song "Tripping"??

It's pretty weird, and there's a complete lack of scantily clad ladies, but the weirdest thing about it is a little kid who sings along to the song and that kid... there's just something weird about him. Some kind of CG going on there, cause the mouth looks strange!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 2:21 PM

So I got this email...

This morning I had a very interesting email. I am still not sure how to respond to it. It feels a bit odd to let them use my photo completely free of charge. That doesn't seem right, does it??

A thought, anyone??

Your motorcycle photo, Wardi.

I'm a marketing consultant to small businesses here in the States, Wardi. One of my clients is a guy named Bill Shenk, who trains motorcycle dealers how to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Bill writes a regular column for a magazine that's directed to motorcycle dealers (PowerSports Business), for which his remuneration is a free half-page ad in each issue.

Any chance you'd extend permission for us to use that remarkable photo of a motorcycle with rear-view mirrors sprouting from everywhere in one of those ads, or perhaps in a brochure? All your photos are so colorful and beautifully composed (this isn't hollow flattery--I'm far too old to waste time with that), and that one's no exception. I loved it immediately!

Frankly, I have only the vaguest idea of how we might use it. Perhaps a caption about "hindsight" or something. It's even possible we could find no use for it at all. But I'd sure like to try, if you'd grant permission for a commercial usage. And of course I'd promise whatever attribution you wanted, as well as a copy of the ad or brochure in which your photo is used.

Please let me know whether such use would be acceptable to you, Wardi.

Thanks! -Gregg

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:49 PM

Boring post bears good news

It's been quite the ordeal to get an English bank account for me, but now it looks like it's in the bag. Finally!!

But we had to go about it in a round-about way; T had to apply for a joint account for the both of us, although the account will actually be for me. Because I have no banking history in England, so... apparently that was the only way to do it...

I dread to think how, if at all, I would have succeeded in getting one without him!

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Tragedy strikes...

Wardi presents guestblogger
Wardi presents the chief tickler

I bear devastating news...

Look what happened to my Yoda keyring

Yoda is up Sith creek with out a left leg!!

Just look at the poor little man :(

The Force was not strong in this one!

posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 9:34 PM


I'm quite proud of this little watercolour, so I see no reason not to show off a little bit. ;-)

Oxo watercolour

Monday, October 17, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 11:51 PM

Another postcard!

Originally uploaded by wardi.

I must say it is quite thrilling to go to check the mail and there might be a postcard from a complete stranger in some far off land!

Although this one 'only' came from The Netherlands, so not so far off after all!

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The Dinosaur list

Wardi presents guestblogger
Wardi presents the chief tickler

I just knew some bugger would ask for this...

Here goes, and i just want to add, spelling may be problematic here...


(And i find in making this list i actually know more than one for most letters...)

Sorry to edit, but I rather loathe smileys in the titles. We must at all times keep to a certain aesthetic standard. Even if it is only in the titles. ;-) * Boss

Sorry Boss, didn't mean to lower the standards. I won't let it happen again.

posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 7:33 PM

Sometimes...'re damned if you do. And damned if you don't.

Sunday, October 16, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 11:12 PM

Eclectica vinculorum

Why can't I work at Pixar?? Scroll down and you'll see why!!

Extreme Ironing Bureau. You wont believe the places people do their ironing. Or you might be exactly the people who will believe it!

Google Moon - Lunar Landing Sites
. Neat.

Marzipan babies. More creepy than cute. :-o

Monkey: give it a punch! I'm fairly sure this was called spank the monkey when I saw it first a few years ago. Hold the arrow with the mouse and drag it quickly across the screen to spank punch the monkey.

Cardstacker Gallery. You just want to give them a good kick, eh??

Voodoo knife..block. I think this is cool.

Highlander in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies. You gotta love the bunnies!!

There aren't even words to describe this
. Look out for a Lego Jedi Knight. I think it's Luke...

Electronic Reusable Paper
. I want some!

This images aren't what they first appear to be
. You have to look atleast twice to 'see' them properly..

Finger err..puppet.

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The boss did it so why can't i?? 20 random things about me!

Wardi presents guestblogger
Wardi presents the chief tickler

Ever since the boss did this i felt the urge to have a go...

1) The tip of my right index finger is missing due to an accident with a running car engine.

2) As a child i had difficulty saying the words Dracula and calculator.

3) I am very good at juggling, i even made money busking a few times.

4) My favourite food is probably Lasagne. :)

5) On my way to work in a morning i see sheep, cows and horses every day.

6) I once dreamt i was abducted by aliens and experimented on (i hope it was just a dream).

7) Everyone says i ask too many questions.

8) I once talked a bloke out of jumping off a bridge.

9) I own a black car.

10) The first film i remember seeing at the cinema is Star Wars.

11) I own in excess of 700 books ( i may count them later then come back and edit this :)).

12) Flower is my favourite person on the interwebbynet :) (and i'm not just sucking up to the boss here...)

13) I have a band of freckles that encircles my right wrist like a bracelet.

14) No matter how many times i move out of my parents house i always seem to end up back here...

15) I love people watching, i can sit on a bench in a shopping centre all day and watch the people go by.

16) I know why the sky is blue!

17) I can do a pretty good impression of Yoda!

18) When i'm ordering food in a restaurant it always takes me ages to choose.

19) A girlfriend once sent me flowers.

20) I know a dinosaur name for every letter in the alphabet.

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Vegas bound

Wardi presents guestblogger
Wardi presents the chief tickler

Hello Blogsphere.

I booked a holiday Yay!!!

In a little under a months time i'm off with the boys for ten days in Las Vegas :)

Now, it's just possible you nice folks out on the interwebby may be able to help me out here...

We already have tickets to see David Copperfield!! (I'm not sure if this is good or bad yet...)

And i aim to take a flight over the grand canyon.

Other than that i'm open to suggestions as to what to do, anybody got any suggestions, good ideas of things to see in Vegas??

Please let me know if you do, ta ;)

(Hmmmm,I'm now wondering if the grand canyon should be capitalized???)

Saturday, October 15, 2005 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 3:25 PM


I'm not one to wallow in self-pity, but I've been in England for 2½ months now and in that time I've had 2 emails from my friends in Denmark.

That's kinda disappointing, you know.

Yeah, of course they are busy with their own lives, but still... How long can it take to write an email to say hello and ask how I am doing?? That's not too much to ask for, is it??

I've talked to a couple of them over the phone, but that was me calling them! I try not to let it get to me, but it's hard. Hard not to feel completely forgotten.

Friday, October 14, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 4:39 PM

The scourge of the raisin

I like having müsli with my yoghurt. What I don't like, however, is the copious amount of raisins that's apparently necessary to make a decent müsli!

What is up with that?? Is there a law that states that unless it has raisins, it is not to be called müsli?? I try my best to take out as many as I can, but the little bastards hide from me and keep sneaking up on me!!

It's not that I don't like raisins, I do, actually, but why must they be so pervasive in my müsli??

posted by Wardi @ 9:28 AM

Living with the English (part five)

I think if you asked the English the question:

If you can only have one kind of food for the rest of your life, what'll it be??

The answer would undoubtedly be: potatoes.

I have never experienced a country where one thing was as prevalent as potatoes are here! (Except maybe for pasta in Italy, but that's irrelevant).

Of course, they eat them deep fried. Although that might be commonly known simply as 'chips', it is not nearly as simple as that. See, proper chips are rather large, whereas smaller varieties are sometimes known as fries. Especially the kind you find in American fastfood restaurants. You will also see a curly form of chips/fries and I'm sure there are plenty of other kinds as well.

Then there's mash. I think they love mash almost as much as they love the chips. But apparently you can only eat it with certain things, like pie.

Roast potatoes are potatoes that are covered in what I guess is some kind of batter. They become sorta crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And very hot on the inside too!

Backed potatoes, or jacket potatoes as they are called here, are also well loved. And they eat it with virtually ANYTHING. In Denmark usually you'd get them with butter or sour cream. Here there's no end to the possibilities: beans, cheese.. you name it.

But the way, the English especially love to consume their potatoes, is by eating crisps - which are called chips virtually everywhere else in the world! There is no end to the taste varieties of crisps: sourcream & onion, lamb & mint, salt & vinegar, and a multitude of cheese varieties. Bacon, different kinds of chicken flavoured, and a variety of spicy ones.

Thursday, October 13, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 4:13 PM

Cat - a painting

Cat painting
Originally uploaded by wardi.
For a few weeks now, I've been working on a painting. And this is it.

It's based on a very quick sketch I made of one of T's sister's cats. Whether it is one or the other, I can't tell you, cause they both look exactly the same to me.

What I've learnt from this is that painting fur/hair is DIFFICULT! Something else I've learnt is that leaving the painting alone for periods of time is a good thing. Especially when you think it is progressing nicely, so you don't get cocky and ruin it!!

A new thing, I've done with this painting, is document its progress. Some of the steps may seem the same to others, but to me, changing a tiny detail somewhere seemed to make the whole image look different.

A slideshow of the process can be seen here.

posted by Wardi @ 11:34 AM

Free chocolate!!

We were at Borders yesterday and when I was paying for my things, the guy at the till asked if I wanted some free chocolate. DO I WANT SOME FREE CHOCOLATE??? Of course I bloody do!! What kind of a daft question is that??

Anyway, it's Galaxy Promises, and they were giving it away as part of some kind of promotion. So, if there's a Borders near you, maybe it's worth popping in there!

No promises that you will get any free chocolate...but it's worth the try, non?? ;-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 8:15 PM

R2D2 in LEGO

R2D2 in LEGO
Originally uploaded by wardi.
I keep meaning to post this.

I think T bought this when he was in Denmark that first time, but he only got his act together a month ago to actually assemble it, so it's been collecting dust for MORE THAN two years!!

By praise is due; he put it together without any help from me! ;-)

It's not very big and I must say that I'm a bit disappointed in it - but that's not T's fault of course. I wish they had made an R2 with a bit more... substance to it, you know??

Anyway, here it is.

posted by Wardi @ 11:09 AM

The Painter - a book recommendation

I've just finished reading a most interesting book. Funny how you get so immersed in a book and you just want a happy end for the characters.

It's called The Painter, by Will Davenport. It skips between two story lines. The (imagined) story of, old and down on his luck, Rembrandt staying at a manor in Hull where he paints some portraits and is involved in some kind of menage à trois. And the present day where a young woman is participating in the restoration work on the manor. She and a worker there find clues hinting at the possibility of Rembrandt being there. All the while some kind of relationship is developing between them.

It's really well written, the language makes me wish I was a writer! It has a bit of everything; the romantic bit, the historical fiction, a murder mystery (dun-dun-DUN!), art history.

It may not be true that Rembrandt went to England, apparently he was quite the stick in the mud, but you sure do wish that this great story was more than just fiction! I have barely been able to put the book down since I started reading it, and to think I almost didn't pick it up at the library! And I think it's one of those books that are going to stay in my mind for a while.

posted by Wardi @ 10:14 AM

Soul food

Do you feed your creative side??

Tell me how. :-)

posted by Wardi @ 12:11 AM

Recovered thoughts in the night

I had written a beautiful, little post here about what I'm doing up at this god for saken hour and then my browser went and closed itself for no GODDAMN APPARENT REASON!!

Of course, I could just never have mentioned this and pretended it never happened, but you see, I liked that post. It was coming together very nicely, funny, and with some nice language. So I can't just pretend it never happened; it wouldn't have been fair to the poor lost little post!

So I shall try and recreate it, although it wont have the freshness of the original post!

I can't sleep, cause I have all these thoughts running rampage in my head, and the fact that I am sleeping (or in this case, am not) next to a man who's got a cold and thus with every breath releases, what sounds like, several hundred decibels though his nose, doesn't help matters. Neither does the wind rattling with the fences down in the courtyard.

There are a bunch of things I could se myself start doing right now, but I know I shouldn't. Cause if I get to caught up in whatever I'm doing, then I'll a) pass the point where I go beyond being tired and b) pass the point where there's just no point of going to bed, because it will already be morning.

Neither of which is helpful, seeing as the objective is to numb my brain from having any disturbing thoughts and making me exactly tired enough to be able to ignore the sounds from the surroundings. Whether I've reached that point yet, I am not certain.

One of the thoughts going through my head a lot of late, is that I'd like to take the afore mentioned story to where it is intended to go. But I don't know if I am able to do so. I am not even sure that I know where it is intended to go.

I never fancied myself a writer, a scribbler at most, I see things more in colours and shapes than in words.

Well, I think the time to sleep has finally come. And happily I did manage to recover most of the lost post. The memory is an odd thing. Some parts have no doubt improved by being rewritten, while others probably didn't suffer too much.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 1:32 AM

Eclectica vinculorum

Leader of the free world? Drag your mouse over the image. It has a most lovely effect.

Southeast Asia Photography. There are some really great photos here!

storTroopers - make yourself! If you talk to me on MSN, you'll recognise these...

What Should I Read Next?
Isn't this just EXACTLY what any read-a-holic needs??

Tattoed pigs' feet. I actually haven't been able to make myself look at these. Enjoy...

The Official How It Should Have Ended Website. Exactly what it says on the tin.

W Asks Condi For Potty Break. I can't say anything about this, except for: hahahaha!!

And a related Priceless one. He's just a lost little boy, isn't he?? And to think he has the power to release a frightening amount of all-Hell on the rest of us...

Kevin Smith's Boring Ass Life
. And he's got a Flickr album too!

A Natural History of the @ Sign. Because some things you just HAVE to know. Although there's an error in the Danish; it is called "snabel a", not just "snabel". I'm glad we cleared that one up.

*Artie the Sock Monkey*. I wish I could tell you what this is all about, but I can't. It looks funny though.

Ben, you need to get yourself some Metro tickets so you can make these X-wings!

Pray For Denmark. A weblog for those who have a heart for the spiritual condition of Denmark and who want to pray that Jesus will revive his church in this land. Oh jeez, that's what we need: some bloody lunatics who can't mind their own business! I can't even begin to tell you how funny and sad this is at the same time. The American chaps, who are behind this, really should pray for their own country. After all, it is run by an even greater lunatic. But I reckon they ALL got a mission from GAWD AWLMAHTY!! Not worthy of large print, this is.

And what do yoou know: Bush God comments 'not literal'! Yeah yeah, whatever. Talk to the hand.

Revenge of the Sith: What You Didn't See
. It's only 3 weeks away now!!

Ahh, excellent comic strip!

I bet you didn't want to know that William Shatner has a weblog.

Make Your Own Bush Speech. I wonder if you can get him to say "I'm a massive wanker"..?

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Wardi presents guestblogger
Wardi presents the chief tickler

Hello everybody :D

Ever had a film be as good as you hoped it would be??

I'm going to say something i haven't said much, now i love Star Wars, but the prequels with the exception of Episode 3 have been on the whole a bit of a let down if i'm honest with myself. I went into them expecting better and i don't think they could ever live up to the hype...

On the other hand i saw Serenity at the weekend, and being a fan of the TV show Firefly on which it's based, i have to say i'd been looking forward to seeing this film quite a lot.

Joss Whedon has done a fantastic job of taking the beat up old ship and her crew onto the big screen, he keeps all the wit and charm of the TV series (even Wash's dinosaurs are still on the pilots console) and moves it all up a notch (space battles anyone??) for the big screen putting it all in a bigger wider universe.

The film is easily understood if you haven't seen the Tv show, i took a Firefly novice to see it and she loved the film, even getting emotional when tragedy strikes our heroes...

Go watch this film, it is a lesson in how Sci-fi can be done, if you have good characters, people reacting in believable ways, a logical series of events and faith that the audience has half a brain.

I loved this film, well done Joss :D

I give it

Now i have a favour to ask...don't tell my friends i've seen it, because i've talked a few of them into going to see it with me on wednesday...

Now IMDB is a lovely site, but why not link to a film's actual page instead of the article on IMDB?? I changed the link for you. ;-b
The Boss.

Thanks Boss ;)

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Illustration Friday Lost

Illustration Friday Lost
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I am not entirely sure where I got the idea for this from.

Does anybody get this?? Or maybe it's too obvious...

Made in Illustrator + with a bit of Photoshop magic. No hand drawing was involved in the making of this illustration.

Except in the sketch.

There's also a version in more colour. Not so happy with that one. ;-)

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Leaves & Paper

Leaves & Paper
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The colour of these leaves belie the fact that by the calendar we should be having rain and wind and generally awful weather that you'd just want to hide from.

Cause the last few days it's been absolutely gorgeous outside, sun and temperatures around 20°C.

Should I start worrying about global warming or rejoice about the lovely weather??

Oh and T has got a cold; he damn well not pass it on to me!!

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How ironic that yesterday I was raving about the new Wallace & Gromit film, and today it's in the news that Aardman's warehouse where they keep all the sets and memorabilia etc., has been destroyed by fire.

How very, very sad.

As if that wasn't enough; part of the Southend Pier has gone up in flames as well! We're actually going to Southend this weekend to see the fireworks they've got on there untill Guy Fawke's night. I guess we wont be getting on the Pier this time around...

Southend Pier is the world's longest pleasure pier:
The present iron pier was first opened in 1889 but only extended as far as what is now known as the Old Pier Head. The first extension was built to accommodate the increased number of steamboats visiting the Pier. This was opened in 1898 and is known as the New Pier Head. An upper deck was added and opened in 1908 and further extensions to this area were completed in 1927. The final addition to the length was opened in 1929. The Prince George Extension, as it is called, brought the length to 2360 yards (2158 metres) or 1.34 miles, the Longest Pleasure Pier in the World.

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Wardi does Wallace & Gromit

We went to see Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit today (Imdb article). We watched it in an advance screening, so I wont go into what it's about, in case it might spoil it for anyone (besides, you can always go somewhere else to read it if you want...).

I totally adore Wallace and Gromit. And this new one is absolutely awesome! Really, it is.

It's just funny on so many levels. And I love the claymation. I've always been fascinated by this... art form. I remember when the first W&G film came out and I'd watch something on telly where Nick Park told about how they had made it. It so impressed itself on me.

As impressive as CG is, claymation has something that's far beyond what you can do with the computer: it's got a soul! If you notice, in some of the closeups of faces, you can see the fingerprints from when they made it. You've gotta love that!

And I find the film funny because in many ways it's so quintessentially English! Oh, speaking of which, Helena Bonham-Carter is absolutely SUPERB doing the voice for the posh heiress Lady Tottington (Totty). That character is one of my favourites: notice her clothes, they are always something with flowers or vegetables!

As the film is produced (or whatever) by Dreamworks, it is preceded by a HILARIOUS little CG film with the penguins from Madagascar and a MEAN poodle.

So, go see this lovely film, I really cannot recommend it enough!

6 out of 6 6 out of 6 6 out of 6 6 out of 6 6 out of 6 6 out of 6

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Tonight I tasted lamb for the first time ever. We never had lamb in my family because my dad doesn't like it; he thinks it tastes like a wet woolly sweater.

I wouldn't agree with that. And although it wont be my first choice to est, I can eat it.

Just thought I'd share that. ;-)

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Did I mention Postcrossing already?? I may have, but I'm not sure, so here we go:

Postcrossing is a project that allows anyone to receive postcards (paper ones, not electronic) from random places in the world. The goal of this project is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free. Well, almost. The main line is: if you send a postcard, you'll receive at least one back, from a random postcrosser somewhere in the world.

I've sent a few already, and received some too! It's really cool to get postcards from strangers like this. The one up there is from a girl in New York and below are one I've sent and one I've received from Finland. More can be seen in the Postcrossing set I've made on Flickr.

meGB496 FI535

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Yesterday at the gym, a really tall chap got on the thread mill right next to me, despite all the other ones were free. That's the second time!

What's up with that??

Because I'm not very tall it makes me a bit uneasy when tall people stand next to me. And I don't understand why you'd want to be right next to someone, when you're working out, if you have a choice not to be.

I know I prefer having some kind of privacy!

T says that it might be because some people compare themselves to others, to pace themselves. Sure, it really makes sense for a tall guy, who is running on the thread mill, to compare himself with a small gal, who is just walking...

Just bloody keep your distance!

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20 random things about me

Kalos told me to do this, so I best comply lest he gets mad at me!

1) I steal pens. Not intentionally. I just sorta...borrow other people's pens and then I forget to give them back. But if they don't ask for them, I guess they don't miss them. So the pens are better off being with me.

2) I like making lists. It makes me feel like I know what I'm doing. 'Look, I have a list. I'm on top of this shit!'

3) Every morning and night I use Nivea Creme on my face.

4) When I was 9 I started horseback riding. In the 5 years I did it, I only galloped as many times as you can count on one hand. I fell off 3 times. At the beginning I rode a white pony, later they put me on a big red horse; despite my being not very tall.

5) I like rice. In fact, I like it so much, I can happily eat it just with a bit of salt.

6) I have a thing about looking at maps. I don't know what it is; they are just so fascinating.

7) I've never watched Titanic, and by golly, I've made it this far, I'm not ever going to watch it!

8) The first film I watched at the cinema was either Annie or E.T.

9) Lime fruits are my favourite citrus fruit.

10) When I was in my early teens, I wanted to become an astronomer, but then I realised that you have to be somewhat good at math and physics to achieve that. Which I'm not.

11) I never needed other people to keep me entertained. I hardly ever get bored.

12) If I told you I had a favourite colour, I'd be lying; I love them all.

13) In a drawer somewhere is 5 pages of the beginning of a novel. I wish I could finish writing the rest of it. But I don't think I have it in me.

14) The first CD I bought was Depeche Mode's Violator.

15) When I was 14 I restored a bike with my dad. It fit me like a glove. When I was 23 it got stolen. Cycling has never been the same since.

16) I think I have a collector's gene, but so far my frequent moving home has prevented me from developing it to its fullest. Which is probably a good thing.

17) I keep my nails fairly long. Mainly because I think it makes my small hands look longer. I may be kidding myself. And long nails are handy for scratching.

18) I used to bite my nails untill I was 12 or thereabouts. Now I can't even begin to describe how much that filthy habit repulses me. Just think what manner of bacterias and other gross things are under there!!

19) Two features I'd like in a future home: a library and a sea view.

20) I don't like talking in the morning. I prefer using an assortment of grunts or other non-verbal sounds.

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Man Flu

Wardi presents the chief tickler

Howdy Bloglanders :)

I have been ill for a few days, nothing serious, just a bit of a head cold, blocked up nose, that kinda thing, but i find myself pretending that i don't feel as ill as i do, because a the women at work (there are quite a lot of them) keep insisting that i'm being a baby, and all that men play sicker than they really are.

Well, that may be true of some men, but i don't, i'm as ill as i am. Too ill to feel 100% but not ill enough to curl up in bed for days and not go in work.

It's that bloody Male/female stereotyping again isn't it?

I don't have man flu, i have a head cold, i feel a bit shitty is all, but stop telling me i'm play acting, i came into work didn't i?? I didn't put on a pretend sick voice and stay at home did i!!!

It would serve you all right if i coughed all over you and made you feel all crappy like i do, bloody pain in the arse middle aged women that i work with, wouldn't it??

Flower dear, i like the random things about me entry, i may have to copy your idea there... :0

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Illustration Friday Float

Illustration Friday Float
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Atleast I actually made it this week..

And that's about all there is to say about it.

Done in my journal, which obviously isn't meant for watercolour. But I used my Aquash brushes, so that's a good thing...

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Strange Danish eating habits

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In some places in Denmark they eat the strangest things. This is especially true in sort of...rural areas. And my grandad lives in such a place.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the starter, which was bits of chicken and vegetables in stock that had been jellyfied. It didn't look very apptizing. But the bread was nice.

The main course was veal with boiled and caramellized (yum!) potatoes plus the items on this picture, which are: crisps, waldorf salad, a kind of jam and some pickled pumpkins.

I find these things strange, although I've grown up watching people eat these things. But T thought they were really weird! Can't really blame him!

There are more pictures from our weekend in Denmark here. And a somewhat strange light show here (I recommend viewing it as a slide show).

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You speak Danish??

So, a rather uneventful weekend in Denmark. Cause you know, a 90th birthday isn't exactly the liveliest thing in the whole world.

My dear T has been practicing his Danish and I'm so very proud of him for more reasons than one; he plucked up the nerve to speak Danish around my parents (and various other relatives), and he's getting really, really a lot better at it. He also said Happy Birthday to my grandad in Danish, which, I do believe, almost brought tears to the old chap's eyes.

I stocked up on some Danish specialities and some Danish magazines; I totally miss reading in Danish...

But that said, I'm glad to be home. In England.

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