John Paul, You're Out Of Sync, Sir!

The Pope will call on leaders of the Roman Catholic church today to attack feminist ideologies which assert that men and women are fundamentally the same. {source}
The current Pope has done a lot of good. But why does he insist on men being superior to women? I know, Catholicism teaches Catholics to live by the Bible. But the Bible is written by humans, not God (I know, I know, some people really think it is...), and much of it is material for interpretation, if not all of it. And everyone has, or should have their own interpretation of it, and not blindly follow others. "But he's the Pope!" So? He's just a man, selected by other men. And this particular man is a sick old man, whose views of the world, and the roles of men and women in it, are clearly completely out of sync with reality.

As mentioned a couple of days ago, I'm working on a new design for Actually, the design is already in place, and it's lovely. The frontpage will be 'blogged', so it's easy to update. I was considering dismantling this blog and moving everything overthere, but then I changed my mind. I'm gonna keep this going, for the more personal entries, and the other will be the more professional side of wardi. Whatever that is... But I think I'll change the look of this blog, so it has the same design as the rest of the site.

EFF Blue Ribbon Campaign. Free speech should not be hindered. Not online, not anywhere.

The Art of ralph McQuarrie.

That's no moon! Click for larger image.

Clicky for larger image.

Biblical Curse Generator I hope you will be thrown into a den of hyperactive lions, thou Mesopotomian harlot! Take that!

If cleaning is your thing (that means you NM), then this is for you. ;-)

Saturday, July 31, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 12:13 PM

Americans, Why Is Your Relationship With Sex So Absurd??

Internet, I've been to the beach.

Summer is here for real, so Wardi went to the beach. Now, I don't go swimming at the beach, cause I have a fear of being suked out to sea, never to be seen again. So I just sit and enjoy the sun and the sound of the waves. I feel very calm and relaxed now. Why can't every day be like today??

You're wondering about the sex thing now, aren't you?

If you buy your sex toys in Alabama you'll be in big doo-doo from now on! It's the law! {via} Do I have to pint out how ridiculous this is? Thought so.

Reading the article, you come across this snippet:
The state law bans only the sale of sex toys, not their possession, the court said, and it doesn't regulate other items including condoms or virility drugs.
Well, that's a relief. Although, I suppose, if you'd prohibit the use of virility drugs, there'd be little use for condoms.

America probably produces more porn and erotica than any other place; yet you have laws like that one in Alabama. it's like you're all obsessed with sex. Either with having it or not having it. And God forbid you talk about it??

There were top-less women on the beach. That's normal in Denmark, it's not just a nudist "thing". Would this occur on a public beach in America?

Friday, July 30, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 3:23 PM

Really Exciting Music News

Hello. Goodmorning. I love listening to the radio in the morning. Today especially, cause the radio told me that R.E.M. are releasing the first single of their forthcoming album, on Sptember 27th. It's called Leaving New York and according to Xfm it has a sound and feel reminiscent of 1992's 'Drive' and features the lyric "It's easier to leave, than be left behind". Moving, poignant yet ultimately uplifting. (more)

More R.E.M. Yesterday I bought the In View DVD, of music videos, which accompanies the In Time CD. And may I say it's just pure joy to watch those videos. Sorta arty, sorta poetic, you can tell that especially Stipe has an interest in all things photographic and cinematic.

Ok, no more R.E.M. today. Except, the new album is out on October 4.

Here's a funny little story I found some months ago. I may have posted it before, although I think it's more likely that I thought about posting it and then forgot. Anyway; Crazy, Random "Chris Rock Thing".

I've been spray painting some furniture today. A nice strong blue colour. And I was wearing flip flops while spraying them. Which was sort of a mistake, I suppose. Looky:

Wardi's blue foot

As always, click for larger image.

Thursday, July 29, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 8:20 AM

Are You Picky??

While I was still half asleep this morning, I heard someone on the radio say that if you're a picky eater as a child, you have a greater risk of becoming overweight. I found the piece on the website (if you don't know how to read Danish, then you can just skip that link).

According to the article that the radio piece is based on, every third child, who is a picky eater, between the age of 2 and 5,  will become overweight. In comparison, only every tenth child, who isn't a picky eater, becomes overweight.

There's a doctor quoted in the piece who says that parents must face the conflict around the dinner table head on. Cause if you give in, and just take the easy road, then you more than likely will end up giving your child "easy food", which is usually synonymous with unhealthy food.

But you want your children to be healthy, don't you??

How about that? A post with proper content! ;-) 

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 10:48 PM


I've been putting off making a new design for for almost 6 months, but no more! Right now I'm working on the code for the new design. When it'll be ready, I don't know. Soon hopefully! The reason for not putting it off any longer is that I went and made that shop; I thought I'd better have a proper website for people to see, if they so wish. If anybody wants to buy anything at all! :-O

I'm planning on getting an eBay auction type thingy with paintings, and other original art, going as well. But that wont happen till I've moved and all.

But I guess everthing's sorta coming together now that I've decided that I want it to. Some of it's happened by chance. For example I only stumbled on the CafePress thing by chance, because I saw it on this site.

I have a few links that I thought you might like.

I know Ysblander will like Winnebago Man. A word of caution, though: it requires sound and the sound is probably unsuitable for most workplaces. So if you don't have any headphones, you have to wait to see it till you get home. Ok? ;-)

Ah yes, then there's my pal Dubya, who's been out mountain biking, and hurt himself. Awww! Maybe he's not the tea total he claims to be: maybe he hasn't put his past behind him? ;-)
Anyway, the thing, about the mountain biking story, that I don't understand, is why it's a story in the first place? He got some minor bruises: who cares???

Moving on. If you've lost your interactive map of Springfield, fear not, we've got it.

BugMeNot is a site that offers a service to bypass the registration that is increasingly demanded by websites for their services. I'm sure you've encountered such sites yourself, so I wont give an example. *cough*GuardianUnlimited*cough* Here's a rather cynical, yet funny example of this.  Registration is a bad thing. Especially if it wants details about your life!

Oh, btw, the new will feature my recipe for pizza. I hope you'll like. I know I love it. :-)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:45 PM

Features And Something Pretty To Look At.

Ok, a couple of new features on the blog:
- it is now possible to see how many people are currently reading (or just passing by) the blog.
- there's a nifty little socalled GuestMap (from, they have several features that might be of interest.) Click on the button to the right where it says GuestMap. It'll then open in a pop up window and you can "pin" where you are from. I know where some of you are from, like Mikey who's in Kosovo, Dex who's in Australia, but I think it'd be fun to see where everyone else is from.
- as posted yesterday, I now have my own little shop; if you want a newsletter from that, scroll down the page to where it says Sign up to receive our newsletter!

Click to see larger version of Sea with grey-blue sky.

Sea with grey-blue sky (click to see larger version).

I like poking around on the internet, making webpages, writing emails etc. It comes quite naturally, yanno. And I really don't understand how some of my girl friends don't see the 'net, the computer and all it offers, as a real useful tool. Rather they see it as something that's difficult to use, almost scary.

Now why is that? One girl friend has never had an email address of her own, as far as I know, and only recently did she learn how to send emails. :-O I don't understand that. But the thing I really don't understand is that by having to use her boyfriend's email addy, there's no privacy. Yeah, if you're in a relationship there shouldn't be any need to keep stuff secret, but you don't have to tell each other everything, do you??

It's not very practical either, if you need to send emails and everytime you depend on somebody else to help you. Especially since, increasingly, correspondence via email is essential in many cases.

Looking at the girl friends and who has and hasn't got their own email addy, here's a funny coincidence: the 2 who don't have their own private email addy, are also the 2 who've not been single at some point in the past almost 10 years. They're both with the same boyfriend (husband, now, as it were) as when we were in school together. I'm not sure what this means. Neither of them have a mobile phone, one of them wouldn't know how to turn it on at all!

Maybe it means that if you've got a man to take care of such matters, you loose all interest in anything that requires plugging in or the use of batteries, unless it's kitchen appliances??

What happened to women's independence???

Monday, July 26, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:49 AM

Buy Wardi!

Alright, now all you people, who say you like my work, can put your money where your mouth is! Go here and buy Wardi. At the moment there's only one item there, but more to follow. :-)

Happy shopping!

If you hvae a blog why not take a couple of minutes to help out these people with their survey on blogs?

I probably laughed a good ten minutes at the headline on this page. If ever there was an oxymoron.....

Google circa 1960.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online. Try looking up the place you live. I think it's quite cool; you can get the history and the old names of any given place (almost). This is where I live.

More plugging: please vote for my blog by clicking the 'blizg' logo overthere to the right. When you get to the page; right above the title of my blog, there's 3 little boxes: click on the + and I get a vote! :-D Thanks.

The title for Star Wars Episode III is out: The Revenge of the Sith (link) What kind of a crappy title is that?? Worst. Title. Ever. Why, Mr. Lucas? Why??

Sunday, July 25, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:32 AM

Come Inside!

How was your Saturday? Lovely, I hope. Mine was. I finished painting the table, which looks gorgeous. And put together with the newly painted green chairs it takes on a bit of the green. Nice. :-)

I've also been to see the flat I'm moving to in 3 (THREE!!!) weeks. It's very nice. I have seen it from the outside a couple of times, but now I've seen it from the inside as well. And you can take a look at it too! Just clicky-clicky follow this here link and you'll be transported there with the speed of your internet connection! The pictures may take a bit to load, so if yours is a slow connection, go put the kettle on while you wait and make yourself a nice cuppa tea. ;-)

Here's a preview:

The flat seen from outside

The flat seen from outside

Oh, I can just imagine how it'll be when I get all my stuff there! :-D

Saturday, July 24, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:24 PM

I'll Give You My Soul

It's only in the last two years that I've realised that the thing I really want to do, the thing that's almost constantly on my mind, is painting.

I have a degree, of sorts, in multimedia design. But apart from the aspects of it that involve Photosop, it's not really, really, my thing. All the programming is crap. For me anyway, cause I suck at it. So it's going to be quite difficult to find a job as a multimedia designer that doesn't involve any kind of programming. That sucks.

But it's good too, cause it's not what I want to do.

I want to paint. And I want other people to paint. Or draw. Or something else creative. And I want to teach those people who don't any of those things, how to do it. If they tell me they can't, well, that's just bunk! Everyone can draw! Everyone has a creative side. You just have to use it!

But I have no clue how to make this happen. I have no formal education in working with art - or teaching it, for that matter. And that's pretty much essential, to get a job in that field here. especially if you have nothing else to show for: exhibitions, for example. Which I haven't either.

I did study art history at university for a year (I studied Italian too, but I didn't finish it), but I dropped out of that, cause it was too much theory and too little fingerpaint! Dropping out of that was really disheartening for me. It made me feel like a looser. So it was cool that I was actually able to complete the multimedia design course. I had achieved something!

Alas, it's not something that I want. And I'm crap at it, anyway.

I like to think that I'm not crap at painting, or being creative, or sitting on my butt looking out through the window while I get inspiration for my next painting. But how the fuck do I convince other people to give me money for painting and/or teaching others the joy of being creative??

Tell me that, please, and I'll be forever in your debt. If you can tell me a quick and easy way to do it, I'll give you my soul.

Thursday, July 22, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 5:54 PM

Fun With Cars And Less Fun With Princes

Yesterday afternoon I was driving home from visiting soe of my friends. However, I didn't get very far, as suddenly the engine stopped. Luckily I noticed it and was able to get the car to the side of the road. Tried starting it. Several times. But to no avail. So what to do? I called home, but my father wasn't there. Luckily my uncle was, and he drove out with my mum. We then proceeded to try and push it into starting, nothing happened. Looking under the hood was unproductive as well.

My uncle had to leave, and left me and my mum to wait for the AA. They came pretty fast, but after poking around with the engine for a bit, had to resignate and the carwas towed home. So that was fun. Seems that there's no ignition in the engine. Which reminds me of a line from I.Q: "You have no spunk!" Which is precisely the case here.

My mum sorta complained about me braking her car (allow me to roll my eyes here..), but she soon got over that, cause while we were waiting for the AA guy, a big ass car pulled in to the car park where we were hanging about. And at the wheel of it was the Prince Consort of Denmark (i.e. the Queen's husband). They have a house (house meaning castle!) in the area where the car broke down, so he was out for a little spin, no doubt! But he didn't ask if he could help or nowt. I mean, that's the least he could do with the amount of cash we, the Danes, fork out on his keep! But no no, he's too high and mighty for that. ;-b

posted by Wardi @ 2:33 PM

From IKEA To This Land To Mars

I went to IKEA yesterday to get some bits and bobs.  It was supposed to be just a quickie there, before going somewhere else to buy some primer and such. But it took me almost half an hour to find a parking space at IKEA! I even tried driving over to the parking lots of the two stores on either side of IKEA, but no space there either. So I went back to the IKEA lot and then I instantly found 2 free spaces next to each other! Why is it always like that??
And I'd like to know why there were that many people in IKEA, on a Monday! And it's not like it was the first day of the summer sale or anything! People were just everywhere!!
Last night at like 8 or 9 pm someone rang the door. It was some old neighbours from where we lived 24 years ago. I don't know when my parents have last seen them, must be atleast 15 years ago, and I barely remember them at all. I know they were our neighbours and that I used to play with their daughter. But I didn't remember them as such. Very strange that they just popped in like that, sorta out of the blue.
My sister sent a link to This Land to me yesterday. Apparently it's all the rage in the US. So any American readers have probably seen it already, or heard about it. But everyone else might not have, so there you go, the link's for you! ;-)
Ooo, interesting fact of the day: 28 years ago today, Viking landed on Mars. I bet you didn't know that! ;-b

Tuesday, July 20, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 11:22 AM

Can Of Green

Oi, I went to buy some paint for the table today, and it cost quite a bit more than I had thought it would. I could have got a new table for what I spent on paint. The whole idea with sanding and painting the old table was to save money! Sheesh! Well, atleast I can think of a job well done when I look at my table, and it's exactly the colour I want. A very, very pale apple green, which I imagine will look smashing with the chairs which I'll paint bright green. I like colour. ;-)

I got the floor plan of the flat today, and I've drawn in the colour schemes I want for each room. That way I don't have to make decisions about those, it's already done, now I just have to make it come to life.

So here you have it, all 56.4 m² of it. Almost twice the size of my old flat. :-D

Clicky to see how large the flat really is!

Click on image to see larger version

At the moment I'm working on a wedding gift for my friends (3 small paintings of cats), and I know that some of my friends might think that I'm cheap for making a gift myself. That it's somehow more comme il faut to just buy something. But yesterday I did a bit of calculating how much it would be "worth" if one considers the hours I put into the project, and it would be like 1,000 kroner (£90/US$165/AU$230). So screw them! I'm not being stingy, far from it!!

And it's a personal gift, which I think is kinda cool. Especially considering that I've known the bride and groom for 10+ years.

Saturday, July 17, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:46 PM

Mr Sandman Bring Me...

a dream! Or atleast sleep at a deecent hour! Last night i didn't fall asleep till 3am! Since I was up anyway, I figured I might as well paint, so I did it. While watching Michael Palin struggle to get from Alexandria to Bombay in his travel around the world in 80 days. When the episode ended he was on his way to, I forgot and it doesn't really matter... 
Today has been an absolutely lovely day! The sun has been shining all day, there's not been even the slightest threat of rain. So I've been outside all afternoon sanding my dining table. There's something extremely gratifying about using power tools. ;-) But the best thing is being able to be outside. The other day my dad was talking about you can get something like a winter depression in summer. And I think that's true. Cause for the past month when it's been raining so much, at times it's been really bringing me down. But then, just one day like today can really boost my spirite, so I'm happy! :-D 
I might get the flat a week or so early! I'm really hoping that comes through. And in just 3 weeks T wil be here again!

Friday, July 16, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 4:47 PM

Let Them Eat Cake.

Do you believe in good deeds coming back to you? I would like to, atleast. At the moment I really shouldn't spend any money, because I need it for when I move in a month's time. But I dunno... There are people far worse off than me, and well, I heard about this thing called the World Food Programme. Which is basically helping people in 3rd world countries with food. They have different sections; guaranteeing meals for school children, feeding victims in disaster areas and so on. I think that's beautiful, it should be a basic right to have a proper meal atleast once a day.

24,000 people die from hunger everyday.
800 million people go to bed hungry everyday.

That's for thought, isn't it?

Thursday, July 15, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 5:16 PM

On The Move

So, I'm moving in a month. Hopefully I can get the key early! But I don't know yet. Have to call the people I'm renting it from. Would be nice to get the flat like a week early, coinciding with next time T is here. Hehe.

But as moving time is moving closer (har har), I best be getting on with all the projects I want to do! Need to make some cushion covers, with stencils. And I have an idea for a wall decoration in the bedroom. Then there's sanding and painting my dining table and the chairs. Plus I've got a lot of stuff to go through in the loft.

I don't like going up in the loft. First of all I don't like heights, so climbing a rather rickety ladder is not my favourite thing!! And when I was last in the loft, we were going through a lot of old clothes and they must have been a dweeling place for some kind of critters. Cause I ended up itching everywhere and not even taking two showers and virtually pouring Nivea all over me, made the itching go away! So I don't like going in the loft, I'm sure you can understand!

But I have to see what I actually have in the loft, so there're no two ways about it.

I would like some of these earrings! They are absolutely beautiful!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:40 PM

From Easel to Screen

As some will know, I've been working on a paintng for some time. And here it is.

Blue Towel (click on image for larger version

Click on the image to see a larger version.

But it's not alone! Here's another painting that noone's seen before. Because I haven't gotten around to taking a picture of it. ;-)

Back Turned(click on image for larger version

Click on the image to see a larger version.

I love paintng. It becomes clearer and clearer to me with each painting I do. I'd happily be doing nothing but paint all day...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 4:05 PM

Get The Picture??

Why are other people's holiday photos so boring? My mum was showing me her and my dad's photos from their recent trip to California (Utah, Nevada & Arizona). And I found myself being very bored by it. I'm not the type of person who goes all "Ooo, Ahhh, Oh wow!" over photos.

I think my mum expected me to show some interest in the photos, but well... It's just not there. Sorry mum, I'm sorry that I'm not as keen about your photos as you are. But after all, it was your holiday, and I can't relive it, nomatter how many photos you show me. (especially not the ones that look so much like each other I can barely tell them apart!)

I'm not very good at taking photos when I'm on holiday myself, and I never ever look at the ones I do take. I know you say that you like to see my photos, well, be my guest, just remember I show them to you because you want to see them and apparently find pleasure in it. I don't force you to see them.

I'm happy for you that you went overthere and experienced all kinds of fun and interesting things. But is my joy for you really measurable by my interest in your photos?

Monday, July 12, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 5:35 PM

Hello Strangers!

I've discovered that a couple of people (a little in love with death and yellowtrampoline) that I don't know, have linked to my blog. That's great! But uhh.. Would you mind identifying yourself?? I'm not asking this in a paranoid way, but in a "Gee how nice of you to link to me, but how do you know me?" kind of way.

Nothing to blab about, so instead you get a bunch of links to have fun with.

I like fonts, and here you can find some that stem from films, music and popular culture.

Encyclopedia Mythica is an encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend.

I live in a city which is unknown to most people outside Denmark, but on VirtualAarhus you can see some panoramic views from it. I especially like the one from the cathedral!

I don't have a job at the moment, but I think some are aware that I hated my boss at my old job. Here are more people with tales of the people they work with:

I'm sure most people will know that I'm not too fond of the socalled land of the free, but that doesn't mean I didn't take the American Citizenship Test and scored 9 out of 10. ;-)

And finally... Go on! You know you want to take the test too!
Kyan: Grooming Guru

Which Member from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is your type?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, July 11, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 1:22 PM

You know what, Dex? You're right!

So I'm stealing this one too! ;-)

1. Whats your first name? If I want you to know my real name, chances are, you already know.
2. Were you named after anyone? No.
3. Do you wish on stars? No. I wish on meteors burning up in Earth's atmosphere.
4. Which finger is your favourite? Uhh, people actually have favourite fingers??
5. When did you last cry? Hmmm.. dunno.
6. Do you like your handwriting? I do. But noone else does.
7. What is your favourite lunch meat? I'm not too keen on meat.
8. Any bad habits? What are you insinuating??
9. What is your most embarrassing CD on the shelf? Oh.. it has to be a Kylie Minogue cd that I think my dad gave me some 15 years ago. Although it's not actually on my shelf anymore.
10. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? First you tell me who I would be if I wasn't me!
11. Are you a dare-devil? Of course! I'm filling this out, aren't I??
12. Have you ever told a secret you swore to never tell? I hope not. But I'm only human, so..yeah..
13. Do looks matter? No.
14. Have you ever miss used a word and it sounded absolutely stupid? Yeah, that's the way I've learned English. As the Italians say: Spagliando si impara.
15. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Show me the actual end of the rainbow and I'll believe it!
16. Do fish have feelings? Who knows? But I like to think that all living beings have some sort of feelings.
17. Are you trendy? I should hope not!
18. How do you release anger? Anger??!
19. Where is your second home? Uhh... at the moment I don't have one. But as soon as I get my own flat again, my parents' house will be my second home.
20. Do you trust others easily? Yeah. But you have to know me well before I tell you a lot about myself.
21. What was your favourite toy as a child? My smurfs (they had the coolest little mushroom houses!) and a stuffed toy lion that my grandma gave me.
22. What class in school do you think is totally useless? Math and religion.
23. Do you have a journal? Yes.
24. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Me? Never!
25. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? A what?? Is it like the pit of Carcoon?
26. What do you look for in a man/woman? Wit, and not being afraid of being different and being able to laugh at himself.
27. What are your nicknames? Wardi. And my grandma used to call me "kønne" when I was little. It means 'pretty' in Danish. Aww...
28. Would you ever bungee jump? No. Fucking. Way.
29. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? There's a reason why most of my shoes don't have laces...
30. Do you think that you are strong? In what sense?
31. What's your favourite ice cream flavor? Chocolate, duh!
32. What's your favourite color? I don't have one, I love all colours.
33. What is your least favorite food? Pork and anything that's lived in the sea.
34. How many wisdom teeth do you have? All of them. But one of them is becoming more and more annoying, so I may have to get it pulled. Ow.
35. Are you in love with anyone? Yes!
36. How many people have a crush on you right now? A crush? Uhh, my boyfriend?
37. Who do you miss most right now? *drum roll* The boyfriend! >>ta-DAA<<
38. What else are you doing right now? Talking to T.
39. What colour pants are you wearing? Hey, that's a kinda personal question, don't you think??
40. What are you listening to right now? The soundtrack from Shrek..
41. What snack food are you craving? None.
42. What was the last thing you ate? Breakfast.
43. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? IF possible=multi-coloured ELSE pink.
44. How is the weather right now? Cloudy. AGAIN!
45. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? T.
46. First thing you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes and hands. Mmmmmm.. large hands...
47. How are you today? Not too bad.
48. Favorite drink? Hmmm.. orange juice.
49. Favorite alcoholic drink? Oh... when I do has to & orange juice.
51. Hair color? Sorta red. DIY.
52. Eye color? Greyish, but one eye is more blue and the other is more green.
53. Do you wear contacts? I used to, but then I got some new red specs that I absolutely love, so I rarely wear my contacts these days.
54. Siblings and their ages? My sister Henry, 24.
55. Favorite month?
56. Favorite food? Homemade pizza.
57. Last movie you watched? At the cinema? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
58. Favorite day of the year? May 26th.
59. Are you too shy to ask someone out? sorta depends, but.. no.
60. Scary movies or happy endings? Sappy endings or happy endings??
61. Summer or winter? Spring.
62. Hugs or kisses? Yes please, but only kisses for/from the boyfriend. ;-)
63. Relationships? Yes..?
65. Who is most likely to respond? To this? As this is one of those pesky questionnaires that people send to their friends via email..and this is no email, I suppose..noone would be the answer!
66. Who is least likely to respond? Q.v. #65.
67. Living arrangement? House with my parents. But only for about a month.
68. What book are you reading? A book about druids, it's turned out to be very academic, and far from as interesting as I had thought it would be. "Holy Terror", a book about Andy Warhol.
69. Favourite board game? Trivial Pursuit.
70. What did you watch on TV last night? Ohh.. loads of things. Ghostbusters 2 among others.
71. Favorite smells? Vanilla.
72. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? "Don't talk to me if you want to live!"

Today's my mum's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, July 10, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:04 AM

The Scent Of A Man

My father has a habit that I really, really hate. Every morning when he's taken his shower, he sprays deodorant on. That's all fine, don't want my dad to walk around smelling like I-dunno-what. It's the amount of deodorant he puts on. It's like walking into the midst of a nukelear cloud, only it's made of anti-perspirant. So, if I happen to have to use the bathroom, where he puts on his deodorant, after he's been in there, I hold my breath till I have opened the window and let in some fresh air.

T does this too, but I've managed to explain to him that it's very uncomfortable to walk into a haze of Lynx, so he either doesn't do it where it will be obnoxious to me, or he opens the window.

But please tell me this: why do you have to spray it on for 30 seconds at a time, both left and right? Do you think it will last longer? Or that it will smell better? Do you think we find you more attractive if we can smell you from a mile away?? Neither is the case. Buy some decent products and apply them with wisdom, that's far better.

Friday, July 09, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 4:00 PM

Hable Con Ella

It's Thursday, and it's raining. It's been raining every day now for pretty much a month. If not longer. The days usually go like this:

Early in the morning: sun is shining, the sky is blue.
By midmorning: the sky is cloudy.
By one in the afternoon: the clouds have built up and the rain is almost here.
Approx. at 13:30 it starts raining. And keeps doing so till at least seven in the evening.
At this point it may or may not clear up. If it actually does clear up, it's still coooold, because of the bad weather during the day.

I'm sick of it. I hate the rain. I want some proper summer weather. And that means sun. Lots of it too! No more fricking rain, do you hear me??? Enough already!!!

PS. You get a gold star if you can tell me the conection between the title of this entry and the entry itself. ;-)

Thursday, July 08, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 5:59 PM

Save A Pond, Kill A Duck!

I was watching BBC World's Reporters programme last night, and lo! there was an item from Denmark! The other two items on the programme were about AIDS and landmines, rather serious topics! But the one from Denmark, well it was about ducks. Ducks!

See, people here in Denmark like feeding leftover bread to ducks, and apparently this causes environmental damage to the ponds they live in. Cause the ducks' droppings are nutrients for green algae. But green algae isn't good for the ponds, because they cover the surface of the ponds and then shuts out light and thereby kills pretty much all other life in the pond! So a scientist, I forgot his name, has suggested that poor people, like students and pensioners, be allowed, on certain days, to go and grab a duck and have it for dinner! (but cook it first, of course!) This to keep down the duck population in the ponds and thereby keeping the ponds alive.

I must say to the journalist doing this item, thank you. Thank you for making Denmark look ridiculous. I know we don't have any landmines here, and there aren't a lot of people afflicted with AIDS, so I guess telling the world about duck shit killing our ponds is the most exciting thing you could find!

PS. This is old news here in Denmark. The scientist with the pond saving plan was laughed at in the Danish media, and to the best of my knowledge people are still feeding ducks, but noone are allowed to grab the ducks and have them for dinner!

Star Wars fans, look here! The annual Star Wars Fan Film Award at AtomFilms has begun! Article from Wired.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:33 AM

What If She's An Angel

Something made me think of this song today. I don't really like country, but this song...I like it. And it always reminds me of a friend of mine who was there at right time..

There's a man standing on the corner
With a sign sayin "will work for food"
You know the man
You see him every morning
The one you never give your money to
You cant sit there with your window rolled up
Wondering when the lights going to turn green
Never knowing what a couple more bucks
In his pocket might mean

What if he's an angel sent here from Heaven
And he's making certain that you're doing your best
To take the time to help one another
Brother are you gonna pass that test
You can go on with your day to day
Trying to forget what you saw in his face
Knowing deep down could've been his savin' grace
What if he's an angel

There's a man
And there's a woman
Living right above you in apartment G
There's alot of noise coming from through ceiling
And it don't sound like harmony
You cant sit there with your tv turned up
While the words and his anger fly
Come tomorrow when you see her with her shades on
Can you look her in the eye

What if she's an angel sent here from heaven
And she's making certain that you're doing your best
To take the time to help one another
Brother are you gonna pass that test
You can go on with your day to day
Trying to forget what you saw in her face
Knowing deep down it could've been her savin' grace
What if she's an angel

A little girl, on daddy's lap
Hiding her disease with a baseball cap
You can turn the channel
Most people do
But what if you were sitting in her daddy's shoes

Maybe she's an angel
Sent here from Heaven
And she's making certain that you're doing your best
To take the time to help one another
Brother are you gonna pass that test
You can go on with your day to day
Trying to forget what you saw in her face
Knowing deep down it could've been her savin' grace

What if she's an angel

The song's by Tommy Shane Steiner {website}, some of you Americans might know it.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 8:03 PM

Of Magazines And Mini Skirts

Why do hospitals always have really, really old magazines for people to read while they're waiting?? I was at the hospital this morning (I'm alright, everything's fine, thank the Force) and in the waiting room the first magazine I picked up was like 3 years old. The next one was 1 year old. It's very strange. Makes you wonder where they get their magazines from? Maybe people bring them and then forget to take them with them when they leave? Would a hospital subscribe to magazines? For some reason I don't think so. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were new-ish (as in 'only a few weeks old') magazines in the examining room, where I also had to wait a bit to see the doctor.

After my visit to the hospital I walked down the high street and I saw a woman (I wont call her a lady!) wearing a pink mini-mini-mini skirt. Now, if it had been a proper sunny day it might have been ok. If she had had nice legs, or atleast tanned legs, it might have been ok. But neither were the case. So in stead of looking sexy (although, how many woman really look sexy, other than in a vulgar way, in a mini skirt, I don't know), she looked like a crack-whore. Which may account for her very, very pale legs, assuming that crack-whores don't see a lot of sunlight. But maybe I assume too much.

Monday, July 05, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 11:45 AM

For Lack Of A Title, I Dub Thee...Pie!

I like being a customer at Amazon. The site remembers me and has even made a Store for me! It's very friendly, almost like we know each other. And it gives me recomendations. Based on the stuff I've previously searched for. Or so I thnk, although it sometimes recommends things that are rubbish and that I have no interest in whatsoever! Why does my new friend recommend things I don't care about?? Maybe it doesn't know me as well as it thought?? Maybe it's not my friend after all? I hope it's not just trying to take advantage of me!

At the moment I can't seem to get enough of Eple by Röyksopp. It's from the Melody A.M. album. Lovely.

Saturday, July 03, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:16 PM

Stealing From A Thief.

I'm so boring that I have nothing to say, instead I stole the following 'questionnaire' from Dex. ;-b

Who was the last person...

[1] You touched? My mum. I gave her a hug.
[2] You talked to? My dad.
[3] You hugged? My mum!
[4] You instant messaged? T.
[5] You kissed? T, four days ago. *sigh*
[6] You yelled at? Hmmm... Dunno, I don't really yell at people.
[7] You laughed with? Oh, with T! :-)
[8] You had a crush on? Uhh... Does it count that I'm now with him? In that case T. If not...well.. I dunno..

Name four drinks you regularly drink:

[1] water
[2] water
[3] hot chocolate (a low cal version!)
[4] orange juice

Name four random facts about yourself:

[1] Eh.. I'm shy.
[2] I used to collect snow globes.
[3] I sleep with teddy bears, 2 that T gave me, and one my grandma gave me when I was a little flower.
[4] E.T. was the first movie I saw at the cinema. That I can remember anyway.

Name four random facts about your family:

[1] Our last name can supposedly be traced to the Nederlands in the 17th century.. I dunno about that..
[2] My mum's and my dad's birthdays are 1 month and 2 days apart. So are my dad's and my sister's.
[3] The family used to have a cairn terrier. He was called Marco Polo and he was very cute.
[4] There are more TV sets in the house than there are people living here.

Have you ever...

[1] Fallen for a friend? Yes, of course.
[2] Made out with JUST a friend? Yes.
[3] Been rejected? Yeah.
[4] Been in lust? In lust?? I'm not sure I... Nevermind. ;-b
[5] Used someone? No!
[6] Ever been used? Yes. Bastard!
[7] Cheated? No.
[8] Been cheated on? I don't think so.
[9] Done something you regret? I wish I hadn't.
[10] Can you list a few of them? Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you??

[1] Color your hair? Yes. My natural hair colour, doesn't suit me, nor my personality. So it's DIY for me. ;-)
[2] Have tattoos? No. (not yet..)
[3] Have Piercing(s)? Yes, 2 in each ear and one in my nose.
[4] Have a boy/girl friend? Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!
[5] Floss daily? No, I hate flossing!
[6] Like to groove to the music? Oh yeah, baby!
[8] Like to drive fast? Ummm.. why were humans allowed to invent cars if not to drive fast??
[9] Believe in God or Devil? Yeah sure, why not.
[10] Believe in The Closet Monster? No, but I'm sure there's something under my bed!!

Miscellaneous Questions!

[1] What should you be doing right now? Ehh... painting or something..
[2] What are you listening to? The telly.
[3] Can you do anything freakish with your body? Well, I can reach the tip of my nose with my tongue.
[4] Chicken or fish? Chicken. I don't eat anything that's lived in water.
[5] Favorite Season? Don't have one, but as long as it's not raining I'm happy.
[6] Is ice cream the best thing in the world? No.
[7] What would your dream date be? I don't have one. I just go with the flow.
[8] Silver, gold or platinum? White gold. :-b
[9] Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? Either. As long as I'm with my sweetheart. ;-)
[10] Roses or wild flowers? Any flower is good in my book. The more the better!
[11] Silly or serious romance? Oh both! You can't be serious without silly and vice versa!
[12] What CD is in your CD player right now? Hmmm.... Moby's 18, I believe.
[13] Who was your favorite Spice Girl? Oh.. the scary one!
[14] Favorite Disney Characters? Don't have one. I don't care much for Disney...
[15] Favorite fast food? Fast food shouldn't be anyone's favourite!!
[16] Favorite book(s)? John Irving's entire oeuvre + historical.
[17] Favorite Sports teams? I'm not a tifosa, but I like watching football and F1.
[18] Favorite song? Don't have one. But anything with REM is loved by me.
[19] What room is your computer in? My bedroom.
[20] What is your shoe size? 3, or 3½, in UK sizes...
[21] Happy or Scary movies? Oh I'm too frail to watch scary movies!
[22] What will you be when you grow up? Who says I want to grow up?? ;-b
[23] Who do you consider your best friend? T.

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