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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is my blog weird?

Hey, we're back from Denmark. Nice to be home, but also not so nice to not be in Denmark any longer.

Really, this is just a quick post to ask you all for a wee bit of help. When we were in Denmark I noticed that my blog seems to be stuck sometime in December (with this post, in fact). At first I thought it was just my parents' computer, but later i spoke to my sister and she said the same thing. Just now I checked it here on my own computer and it's the same!

Something WEIRD is going on! Three different computers, in three different countries and with three different browsers (ok, not completely sure what browser my sister is using.. forgot to ask.)

So, hopefully, this post will show up in your feed reader. If it does, would you mind popping over to the blog home page and take a look? And then leave a comment (or email me, binaryflower AT gmail DOT com) with the following information: is the blog up to date (i.e. last post is from January 17th); what browser are you using; what country you are in and what feed reader you are using. Hopefully, this can help me figure out what is going on.

And if you have an idea why my blog is being funny (for example if this has happened to you too) and what can be done, I would be most grateful!

Edit 18/1: thank you all very much for your feedback. It appears that removing a wee bit of code made it all better. Yes? All back to normal? If you still notice problems with the blog not being updated, please let me know. Thanks again! :-)


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