Waiting for T

It's 20 past 8pm. He should have been home over two hours ago. There was/is a problem on the tracks, so he was sat in the train for over two hours. With no food, and no drink! My poor, poor T!

They are out of the train now. Got fed up with waiting, so they decided to pull the emergency breaks thingy to open the doors - they were right by a station, so it's not like there's a straggle of hungry passengers roaming the rail tracks in East London.

Still, no idea when he will actually be home. Funnily (or maybe not so much in hindsight), when he called me at first to say that the train was late, he joked that he might not be home till 10pm. Not far from it, as it turns out.

Monday, April 02, 2007 scribbled by Carina
8:22 PM