Hot Fuzz

Yesterday we went to see the film Hot Fuzz, which I can only recommend. It's lots of fun and has a few excellent spoof moments. Notably, one of Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet. Oh, how I laughed at that one. Everyone else: not so much.

Oh sorry, what the film is about? Okay, a top cop from London is so good he is sent away (because he makes the rest of the Met look incompetent!) to the country (2-3 trains, and a taxi ride at night in the rain far out country) to a seemingly picture perfect quiet, (several times) village of the of the year, where nothing. ever. happens.

Of course they do, and that's where all the fun begins. Gun toting old ladies, vicars and hooded murderers. Gory in places, but in the too over the top, you can't but laugh at it kind of gory.

The people behind the film are the same who made Shaun of the Dead and the Brit tv series Spaced. Top laugh, I can even imagine getting this on dvd for future viewing pleasure. Watch it if you can!

Thursday, February 22, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
7:38 PM