No more Motorola

Remember I got a new phone three months ago? Well, that didn't last long, we sold it on ebay the other day. As cool and sleek as the Motorola SLVR looked on the outside, I didn't find it to be particularly good.

Compared to my old phone (Panasonic X70) it was really difficult to use. Not very intuitive. The hierarchies of the menus seemed completely illogical and some things had stupid names. Like "Initial setup", what do you think that is??

I think there should be some kind of common terminology for mobile phones... would make it so much easier to switch between different brands. But at least now I know that I'm not gonna get another Motorola.

So for the moment I'm sticking with the Panasonic (thank goodness I never got round to selling that one!). The clam shell design of it is much better for me anyway; less risk of accidentally calling people. ;-)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 scribbled by Wardi
10:48 AM