Six weird things about me

Bad, bad Wardi for not noticing! The fabulous NM tagged me a wee while ago...

1) I can't think of one thing about me that's weird...

2) But taking inspiration from NM: I can sleep with all the lights on, don't bother me one bit! They bother T though. ;-)

3) I don't like walking down stairs. Going up stairs is fine (except if the stairs are of the "suspended in mid-air" type, I'm afraid of heights too), but going down them is not good. I always feel like I'm going to miss a step and fall down the stairs.

4) I don't like doing the dishes, but I'd rather do them myself, cause then I know they've been cleaned the way I want. In Denmark (Scandinavia in general, I think) people do the dishes with a brush and I'm deeply suspicious of the cloth or sponge way of doing it.

5) I like my nails to be fairly long, but I find fake, and unnaturally long, nails to be extremely repulsive.

6) I daily wonder about the origin of words, whether it be words I use all the time (like.. breakfast!), or rare ones (like deluge). It's like a game I play, trying to figure out where the word may have come from, like Latin, French or something else. Sometimes I look up the word, and it's a small gem of joy when I was in the neighbourhood of the right answer.

Right, those were the six weird things about me. Feel free to add more, if you think there's more weirdness to me. And I'm tagging whomever whishes to expose their weirdness to the world.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
9:58 PM