Today I was randomly looking out of the window and a white shape caught my eye.

Slowly floating through the air was the elegant shape of a white goose. Of course, it wasn't that slow at all, because it disappeared over the roof of the adjacent (sp?) building in a few seconds.

I wanted to grab my camera and take a picture of it, but if I'd gone to get it, I would have missed most of the goose's flight.

It made me think... do I perhaps sometimes focus more on taking pictures than what I'm taking pictures of?

Taking pictures have become very important to me, because I can document the things I make and the experiences I have, even the ones that have very little significance in my life or the grand scheme of things.

And the pictures are a way of sharing those things and experiences with others (especially the people who are far away...), but in a way a picture comes up short. Although you can look at a picture and imagine the situation and/or place to some extent, unless you were actually there, you won't know how it actually felt.

How can a picture convey my surprise, and delight(!), at seeing the goose sailing over the rooftops when I struggle to explain it with words..?

So there's no picture of a goose here, but there is one etched into my mind.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
7:17 PM