It has the Queen on it!

Golly, people... you'd think I've dropped off the face of the Earth (unless you bother to read the crafty blog, of course ;-) ) with the lack of posts lately. You can blame Woolworths for that! ;-)

This week I've been working 8 hour days, and I know that's not that much, unless, however, you spend most of that time standing up. Which I do. And that can be quite tireing (is that how you spell that word?). So when I come home, other than making dinner, quickly checking stuff online and watching TV... that is it... Unfortunately, that makes this blog a wee bit boring. Sorry about that, darlings.

Well, I think I've said before that I won't be posting about work... But I think I can tell you this little thing that happened yesterday:

I was serving an older woman and her daughter and the daughter gave me the money from the mother's purse (the mother was in a wheelchair so she couldn't reach the counter). I thought one of the 10 pence pieces looked unusual, so I took a closer look at it.

It was a Canadian coin! Which of course I couldn't accept as this is England. But the daughter said this: "Why can't you accept it? It has the Queen on it!".

Friday, November 10, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
8:15 PM