I can hardly believe that I'm actually typing this, but I liked the new James Bond film. And I don't like James Bond films! But it was a really good film.

The Bond character seemed more like a real person than in any other Bond film. Kudos to Daniel Craig! There are actually two Danes in it, not just Mads Mikkelsen, who was a bit of a boring character, I think... Or maybe it's just because I don't really like him as an actor..

One thing I was very pleasantly surprised about was the opening titles, there wasn't any scantily clad dancing women in it. Instead there were some very cool graphics. I hope they keep this style for the next ones. Although, that might not be the case.

I also liked that this Bond is more physical, you see him doing a lot of running and and jumping and stuff. And you understand that this is a person who is very fit; which you would expect of someone who is essentially a weapon.

So, I'll probably go see the next one (and I probably won't object too much to seeing this one on DVD either - but please don't tell T!), cause I was thoroughly entertained and didn't have to look at my watch even once. Not that I was wearing a watch, but you know.

Anyway, I recommend you go see Casino Royale!

Thursday, November 23, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
9:23 PM