Bit o' everything and the importance of a smile

This surprise package arrived yesterday! It is from my parents and it contained 24 little parcels to be opened in the first 24 days of December for T and I. An advent calendar as they call it here (julekalender in Danish).

So sweet of my mum to surprise us like that!

I'm starting to get into the "must make everything as close to my Danish traditions as possible" spirit, so getting this package was really great. Especially because we're not spending Christmas in Denmark this year. But atleast we're going over there in January!

I'm still liking my new job, despite the sometimes very long days of being on my feet. But most of the colleagues and customers are nice, even the ones stressing over Christmas shopping! One thing that puzzles me is how customers (some of them, anyway) seem to think (expect!?) that every employee is omniscient about every item in the store, every offer and where everything is supposed to be. Do they know everything in every corner at their job??

And I'm getting to realise more and more how important a smile is. Not just for the customer, but for yourself too. Heck, sometimes I feel like I'm smiling for my own sake. Ya know, to keep up my own spirit. Smiling in spite, almost! If that makes sense at all!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? We're getting there. Not as early as I'd hoped, but hey. I have some very special presents for my sister, which I hope she'll like. Obviously, I can't post anything about those yet in case she reads it!

Sorry to be blabbering on like this... Anyway, what's your favourite Christmas smell?

Sunday, November 19, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
11:23 PM