Funny thing about that job... that I had also applied for a Xmas temp job in our local Woolworths, but I didn't get that, but the manager there said that I'd be his first call if anything came up.

Anyway, so I got offered the job at Lakeside (the locel big shopping centre) a few days ago, and then we came home this afternoon and there was a couple of missed calls from our local Woolworths. So I called them and they had a job available there too. So I said yes to that because it's closer, like 5 mins walking distance.

And then I called the manager at the Lakeside store and he said that the job he was offering me was a permanent one as opposed to the other one which was only temporary. So I had a quick change of mind and had to call back the local one to say I was going for the other one after all.

It is so weird! After all this time not being able to find anything and then all of a sudden I have two offers at the same time!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
9:00 PM