The day off started off good

Happy mistake
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I love Tuesday, cause that (and Saturday) is my day off. And because I'm the introvert that I am, it's vital (!) for me to have time just with me.

My job is noisy and full of people talking, talking, talking. And I don't mind that, but only for so long.

So I need quiet time to recharge my batteries. I can spend time doing the arty and crafty things that I love, which I have less time for on the other days.

Today I got out of bed and took my camera for a walk along the river. It was very windy, though not terribly cold, but it feels like autumn proper is coming ('bout time too, what with November starting tomorrow!).

I like feeling the wind blowing in my face early in the day. And listening to it rustling in the dry leaves on the trees. It was high tide, and the wind was skipping on the waves and the sun made them look like they were made of gold.

Here are some pictures from my morning walk.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
11:40 AM