What? You need pointless links to waste time on??

Photographing squirrels. A photoset on Flickr.

Little People. A tiny street art project. In the streets of London - I want to go look for them all!

Flickr forcing artists to become 'non-public', known by them as 'NIPSA'.

Cassette Generator. Whip out that Walk-man!

Cardboard troopers.

Pizza fork.

Make a cloud of the most common words on your blog/website
. And then you're supposed to put it on a t-shirt.

A4 paper cut. I think I might have posted this before, but this is just so wonderful, it can bear another view.

Animate your inanimates. Fun!

Glow in the dark bubble bath. T loves his baths...maybe I should surprise him with some of this. Oops, surprise spoiled. D'oh!

Saturday, September 09, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
7:21 PM