Up close and 'Hoff

David Hasselhoff
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The 'Hoff made an appearance at the local shopping centre to sign his autobiography. We were there for other stuff, but thought we'd go down and have a look.

We waited 45 mins because he was stuck in traffic! What happened to being choppered in, eh??

Of course I had my camera with me, and you can see some more pictures of him in this set. But this here one is the best. If I hadn't been so busy with my camera, I could have shook his hand; we were that close.

While we were waiting, there was this REALLY pushy security lady. She kept telling people to back off, but in the most rude manner. The male security staff were much more friendly; even chatting to people...

T overheard some young people (late teens?) asking "Who are they waiting for? Who's David Hasselhoff?"

Are we THAT old?

Saturday, September 16, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
4:20 PM