Hey, not a lot of activity on this blog at the moment. But plenty on the other one! I've been doing a lot of drawing lately, which I've been posting about, and some thoughts on drawing.

I'm also busy making stuff for a craft fair I'm participating in. IN THREE WEEKS! Cor, I'm a bit nervous about it! I'm trying not to have too big expectations for it in case I sell nothing and people don't like my stuff. Better to be prepared for not selling anything, than thinking I'll be raking it in. Although, fingers crossed, hoping for the best! ;-)

And because it makes perfect sense to go away for a few days when I should be at home making stuff for that fair, we're going to Denmark. Me on Friday and T on Saturday.

He can't go on Friday because it's his last day at his current job! He'll have two weeks holiday and then he starts at his new job in London. Yay, commuting! ;-/

Saturday, September 30, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
11:01 AM