I thought that was her...

I'm watching this programme at the moment: Three Gorges. About a damn they are building in China, across the Yangtze river (and it's a damn big damn I tells ya!).

I thought it was Jodie Foster doing the narration. And so it is.

It's interesting to see this, cause recently I saw one of the programmes that Michael Palin has done where he is travelling (I can't remember which series it's in; he's been pretty much everywhere, hasn't he? But it's from the early 90's.) through exactly these places. And he talks to the people who live(d ?) in the area. They had to be relocated to make way for the water behind the damn.

The story he told was a rather bleak one, you feel that he bemoans the loss of the area and he feels for the people who will be affected by the damn. But this documentary I'm watching right now paints a different picture: the damn is a modern wonder of engineering etc, on a par with the Great Wall, and a positive thing to happen to the area.


Thursday, September 14, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
4:27 PM