August 29
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Tonight we're going to our new gym for the first time. Good riddance, cause I was actually beginning to miss it (just don't tell T!). Just hoping that it's better than the other one.

Although I kinda wish we weren't going tonight.

I had a dentist appointment earlier today: about a week ago I noticed that a bit had been chipped off one of my molars. Unfortunately, it's one that had a filling, so he had to remove that and replace it.

I absolute hate the sound of the drill. It's just so horrible! Atleast the new filling is a nice white one, so it's not noticeable.

Going to the dentist made me so sleepy, maybe it's the local anasthetic...

Although I was quite tired before I went there. For the last couple of weeks I've not been sleeping well. I've had the weirdest dreams; cannibals, people that turn into big yellow snakes. The worst was last night, though: I was in a lift with Michael Jackson and it was plummeting to the bottom of the lift shaft.

What the hell is that about??

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
2:47 PM