Party hat!

I'm not particularly Blogger obsessed, although you might think so. If you're using Blogger too, maybe you noticed the little doggy with a party hat?? I think it may be Blogger's birthday. Not that I've bothered to look it up. It's not that important. I just thought it was cute. ;-)

I think I complained when it was so hot in July; maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. August has turned against us, not much sun, and rain almost every day. What is up with that?? It's supposed to be summer!

But it feels like autumn. Certainly has today. It's been raining all day. But it's barely September, it can't possibly be time for blankets and woolly socks already! I refuse to give up my flipflops already!

Anyone feeling autumn creeping up on you?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
9:51 PM