The Girls!

We got Sky about a week ago, and that is great. Although there are still times when, despite having over a hundred channels, there's just nothing on worth watching! Isn't it funny how, nomatter how many or few channels you are able to watch, at times there just will be absolutely nothing on!?

T can now get his fix of his beloved Star Trek, Stargate, Charmed and whatever all those series are. I am happy to be able to watch the Gilmore Girls again.

Oh girls! I missed that. And Dean and Luke, even Lorelai's crazy mother!

At the moment they are showing episodes I've already seen, but that doesn't matter! Yesterday was the episode where Lorelai's mum goes crazy in the shopping mall and buys all these silly things and forces Rory and Lorelai to go shopping with her!

Saturday, August 26, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
2:02 PM