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When you're on summer holiday you HAVE to have icecream, right??! We had some lovely icecream in Ribe, supposedly Denmark's oldest town. And it's a very pretty town too! Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go see the Viking museum there. Maybe next time.

We stayed in a summer house that my parents had rented on an island called Rømø. It is a strange place. In some places the beach stretches for about 2 kilometres between the dunes and the actual sea! The island itself is actually quite dull, albeit pretty.

We went to a little village called Møgeltønder where one of the Danish princes has a castle, Schackenborg Slot. The town is awfully pretty, with cobbled streets and old houses. It also has a church which is very decorated by Danish standards.

Most churches have bare white walls, because all the old murals were cover during the Reformation. So that was nice to see, cause I like old murals! Although I'm not sure whether the murals have been left since the Reformation, or have been restored later.

Møgeltønder is really close to the border with Germany, so, as all good Danes do when they are that close to the neighbour to the south, we had to go there so my parents could buy some beer and wine. Such are cheaper in Germany than in Denmark.

On the way to Møgeltønder we had our lunch by the lock in the village of Højer. A lock is a place where boats can be let through the dykes protecting the low-lying land from the sea. They have a pole there which shows the height of the water at different times when the sea did flood the area. Interesting to see. A couple of the markers on the pole were placed at almost twice the height of T - and he's no small chap!

We also passed a flea market and we just had to stop. They had so many cool things, and A LOT of junk. So much fun. Unfortunately - or fortunately?! - our limited bagage allowance with Ryanair prevented us (haha, me) from buying any of the cool stuff. But I really regret not getting the mannequin arm...

My parents had the house for a week, but T and I only stayed for an extended weekend. On the day we went back to my parents' house (by train - which wasn't late, QT. Although it was a VERY hot train!), we drove by some big sculptures just outside a town called Esbjerg. Those things are HUGE!

The rest of our holiday we spent just being lazy, visiting or have some of my friends drop by. All in all a lovely time.

More pictures from our holiday can be found here.

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