Postman Pat and his black and white cat

Package from mum
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Ok, I don't know the name of the postman and I'm pretty sure he didn't have a cat with him... however, he did have a nice package for me yesterday. It was so heavy and I could just TELL that it was full of goodies.

Sometimes you just KNOW these things!

It was from my mother - I knew she was sending me a package (some of the stuff I had asked her to send me), but I had no idea what lovely-y-nesses it contained!

There was some fabric, and some fabric paint - those were the things I knew about - almost 30 (THIRTY!) skeins of embroidery wool, some glansbilleder (dunno what to call those... it's little images, that are kind of shiny..), some other paint and a small bag of ribbon in different colours.

But the biggest surprise was a pair of sandals! The woman sent me sandals! Can you imagine my surprise! And they are pretty and sparkly with sequins and just totally my kind of thing!

Here's a picture of all the stuff, and you can just about make out how cool the sandals are. ;-)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
8:31 PM