I'm Madonna!

Apparently. Atleast when it comes to decorating - according to this quiz over at iVillage.

"a place where cozy kilim-covered sofas, family silver, and sporting prints meet... state-of-the-art sound systems and luxuriant hothouse flowers." Besides mixing aesthetics, you aren't afraid of thought-provoking art. (Madonna collects Frida Kahlo pieces among others.) Everything in your home represents the relationships you share with the people in it".

And you know, it doesn't sound all that off... ;-) I'd like to be able to afford Frida Kahlo paintings...


Apparently my tastes are ruled by Artemis in Which domestic goddess are you?

"You are your own interior decorator, a collector, eclectic in your tastes. Those mix-and-matched plates and napkins you've been using forever reflect your individuality perfectly. Bright colors (think pinks and greens) in patterns and stripes appeal to your inner goddess. Your favorite room is apt to be lightest, brightest room with the largest windows -- no fussy curtains for you, just bright sunlight, the perfect place for a spur-of-the moment gathering".

That sounds right too...especially the pink... ^_^ Fits nicely with Madonna too..

Friday, June 30, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
8:49 AM