Pretty little rose
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Yay, the little rose bloomed. It was so pretty!

Well... I've spent most of yesterday finally tidying my computer, moving things to the external harddrive - or burning them to cd's, there wasn't room for everything on my 40GB ext. harddrive!! So much crap!

But some of that has been deleted and I hope I can be a bit more consistent in filing things on my computer. Cause before I didn't have a system, you see how that makes it difficult to maintain even a modicum of order!

So now it's just about time to get everything re-installed. But I think that's a project for the both of us. Men like to tinker, fix things, don't they?? Atleast that's what I'm counting on. ;-)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 scribbled by Wardi
12:19 PM