The kind-of nephew
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After seeing The Da Vinci Code* on Saturday, we went round T's parents'. They were babysitting T's nephew because his parents had gone to see the film too!

It took a bit of time for Nephew to start speaking, but recently he's picking it up really well. Except for my name of course, which comes out as 'Kina'. But it IS a difficult name to say, I think I called myself 'Canina' for quite a while...

Anyway, I spent some time playing with Nephew, with the toy cars, and I took a load of pictures of the cars - and of Nephew playing with them.

He's so damn cute! I know, you can't see all of him, but you know, he ain't my kid so I don't think I should post a 'complete' picture of him...

He used to be quite shy with me, but we don't see him that often, so that is only natural... But on Saturday he wanted me to sit next to him when we had dinner. Oh yeah. Me.

*My thoughts on it to follow soon. ;-)

Monday, May 22, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 10:06 PM