Foxy extensions

Nope, ain't got nuttin' to do with my hair.

Nay, I just want to ask myself whether I have enough Firefox extensions already??

Just take a look at this list! Those in red are the ones I use everyday.

Gmail Manager - useful if you have more than one Gmail account; it lets you keep track of them all at the same time, so you don't have to log in and out.
Gmail Notifier - More sophisticated version of the above, although it only works with one account at a time.
Google Toolbar - search the interwebbynet and stuff.
Calendar - self-explanatory.
Download Statusbar - shows the status of downloads in a widget in the browser instead of a new prompt.
Dictionary Tooltip - word definitions are just a right-click away! post - adding links to - same as above, but different.
StumbleUpon - toolbar for stumbling upon websites.
Reminderfox - reminds you of stuff, has a to-do function as well.
BugMeNot - BugMeNot helps you bypass logins of websites that require you to register to get access to content (such as NYTimes).
SessionSaver - saves sessions.
Smiley Xtra - when you need a smiley for whatever reason.
Copy Plain Text - exactly what it says on the tin. Very useful!
ColorZilla - lets you see colour values on web pages by hovering over them. Very, very useful.
Duplicate Tabs - I haven't really used this. But I guess I must have thought it sounded useful...
Colorful Tabs - makes the tabs different colours. Really good if you have a lot of tabs open at the same time. I usually do!
Forecastfox - this is really neat. It's a little weather widget that lets you see the current and coming weather. You can set up different profiles so you can follow the weather in different places.

So, are there any extensions you think I need?? ;-)

Thursday, April 20, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 5:57 PM