Eclectica vinculorum

Cleaning Hunk. That one's for you Theresa. ;-)

I/O Brush. I want one! More about it here.

The guinea pig ads from Egg Money. What I'd like to know is why the voice-over has a sort of Russian accent...

Birds can't swim - can they??

Star Wars Rocks. OK?!

Pre-pixelated clothes for Reality TV shows. I want one. I mean, if I were to be on a reality TV show. But I wont, so err...yes.

Custom printed toilet paper. We all need that. Don't we??

Eurobad '74. Really bad 70's interiors. Although I kinda like this one...

Cone shaped pizzas. What will they think of next??

Eye Candy Caddies. For all you golfers.

Monty Python sings the LEGO. Or errr...

Creepy but creative. Don't click on that link if you are squeamish about animals. Or, um, fruit.

The Smoldering Ruins of Centralia. The ground under this town has been burning for decades. Freaky.

Very strange picture...

Bushisms. "I'm The Master Of Low Expectations."

Flashbag. A USB flash drive that changes size depending on the amount of data.

To-do list. WANTED: YOUR TO-DO LISTS Everything from garden-variety daily to-do lists to lifelong goals, pros and cons lists, wish lists, work lists, honeymoon ideas, cliches to avoid, boys/girls you have kissed, vocab lists, shit lists, movies to see, lists of any kind.

Monday, April 17, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 9:50 PM