Crap for brains

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Look at that. Isn't that a jolly sight??

People here just have no idea how to fill a garbage bin. Big boxes go in without being flattened, so they take up too much room in the bins. Which then makes the bins overflow.

And then people just throw their bin bags right inside the door instead of to the side.

Now, it's been Easter, and the pick up day is different, so I guess it's no wonder that the bins are extra overflowing this week. But that's still no excuse to leave your crap so it's blocking the door!

And what kind of a moronic idiot puts a fucking armchair in the bin room?? Do they really expect that if they put it there it will magically disappear along with their other crap??

Of course, they've put it right by the door making it impossible to take bins further in, so because of this, the bin bags are really piling up by the door.

T thinks that the garbage collectors can refuse to collect the bins if they can't get to them. I can totally understand that.

Which makes me really pissed off at whoever the wankers are that can't get their act together! Can you imagine what will happen if they stop picking up the garbage??

Thursday, April 20, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 4:40 PM