Beads and mosaics

This post was inspired by a post on this blog.

The picture there is made with Ministecks which are mosaics made of plastic. Isn't it cool?? Click here to see a larger version.

Here are some more images made with the Ministecks. I so want to try this! But I'm not sure where to get hold of them. Maybe I'll have to make do with the round plastic perls - I'm sure most people have tried those as kids. You know, you put some perls on a spiky board and then you iron it...

I bet you thought that was just for kids, eh? Well, think again. Here are some pretty awesome works of art:
Bynson 2000.
Pärlplatteklubben (The Perl Board Club).

But I don't have any perls, so I think I'll just have a play with this cool Perl Palette.

Sunday, April 02, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 6:35 PM