Precious friend

Without icing
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My Saturday was great! Sara and I had so much fun! Watched a Danish show on DVD, had Danish food for lunch, ate some Danish candy and, of course, spoke Danish!

We covered just about everything, from our friends, our experience with England to make-up!

I realise how much I've missed her. We have so many interests in common, both of us being kinda artistic and stuff. Same sense of humour and I think we see the world in much the same way, compared to our other friends...

It looks like she is going to stay here in the Land of Eng, and I really hope she does, so I can have atleast one of my old friends in close proximity.

The picture shows 'fastelavnsboller' what Danes traditionally eat just before Lent (just like the English eat pancakes..). My mum made these for me when we were last in Denmark and they've been inn the freezer for a special occasion. Mmmm....

Sunday, March 12, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 7:59 PM