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While my sister and I were both in Denmark (I think I did mention that I went to Denmark because my sister was 'home' from the US..?), we went to visit my mum's dad.

He is fast approaching 100 (he's 91 this year) and his house doesn't seem to have changed much since I was a child and went there on holiday with him and my grandma.

This picture hangs in his living room, in the same place where it's always been. It's funny with these things that you are so used to, you don't really notice them.

Well, since I've started taking all these photos, I find myself noticing a lot more things. Like that photo.

I'm not sure who that little girl is. I think she may be someone from my mum's family. Possibly even my grandma. For some reason I've never thought to ask my mum - or anyone else.

I guess that's something else we sometimes forget to take notice of; to ask about the past, the past of the family we belong to. I think there are so many stories, so many lessons that we don't get to know.

Like this weekend, in conversation with our grandad, we found out that he would have gone to America when he was young, but because of WWII he didn't. He had an uncle living somewhere in California, so somewhere overthere are probably some people that we are related to and neither of us know it!

Funny how small this world is, eh?

Some more pictures of my grandad's house are here. Including a err...interesting one of my sister and my grandad.

Thursday, March 30, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 10:42 PM