Illustration Friday Feet

Illustration Friday Feet
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Oooh, it's only Monday and I've already done the illustration. Go me! ;-)

I had a few ideas for what I might do for this one - I couldn't decide which one to choose, so I put them all together!

So, here we have a collage of: scans of my feet, scans of tracings around my feet, scans of my footprints (you can see one of them here). All mixed with some other bits and pieces in Photoshop.

One thing I've learnt from this is that painting your feet with bright red acrylic paint and NOT thinking about how you'll clean your feet is a very, very bad idea. As a result, our bathtub ended up looking like this. It took me a good half hour to scrub it all off.

Monday, March 20, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 9:37 PM