I ♥ Pocoyo

I don't particularly watch kids' programmes, but lately I've become quite smitten with this little guy.

He is called Pocoyo and he's just adorable! Just look at him go, how cute is that?? It's on CiTV here every afternoon.

I think it's just the whole style of the thing, so simple and with happy colours. The main characters are:

Pocoyo: Pocoyo is the main character of the series and the programs centre around his adventures. He is a young boy who is full of curiosity and who loves to play games. In spanish, Pocoyo means "little me"

Pato: Pato is a yellow duck who wears a small green hat. He is also a good friend of Pocoyo. Pato means duck in Spanish

Elly: A pink elephant who wears a blue back-pack; she is Pocoyo's best friend. She usually rides around on her scooter.

Loula: Pocoyo's pet puppy & companion. She adores Pocoyo.

Sleepy Bird: A green bird who sleeps a lot. She only wakes up to turn off her alarm clock.

From Wikipedia.

Thursday, March 09, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 6:27 PM