I feel less guilty..

...about being a procrastinator. I feel that I'm somewhat justified, and definitely that I have a good excuse for my absentmindedness: there's a reason why I forget to vacuum or send that email I was supposed to. My mind was simply working on "big stuff". ;-)

The rest of the article is here, but below you can read a bit of the beginning.
There are three variants of procrastination, depending on what you do instead of working on something: you could work on (a) nothing, (b) something less important, or (c) something more important. That last type, I'd argue, is good procrastination.

That's the "absent-minded professor," who forgets to shave, or eat, or even perhaps look where he's going while he's thinking about some interesting question. His mind is absent from the everyday world because it's hard at work in another.

That's the sense in which the most impressive people I know are all procrastinators. They're type-C procrastinators: they put off working on small stuff to work on big stuff.

What's "small stuff?" Roughly, [...] anything that might be called an errand.

Monday, March 20, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 11:14 AM