Happy Mother's Day

Card for Mother's Day
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Today is Mother's Day in England, and here's a card I made for T to give to his mum.

Homemade rocks! No stuffing the pockets of Hallmark and the like from us! ;-)

It's real easy to make this card. All you need is an empty card, some watercolour paper, some paint and some of those double-sided sticky foam thingies that you use for making cards.

Draw/paint something on your watercolour paper, cut each thing out and stick it onto the card.

You don't have to use watercolour paper, you can use any stiff paper. Neither do you need to use watercolour, you can use whatever you have lying around; crayons, markers or nailpolish!

And maybe add some glitter... Glitter is always good!

Sunday, March 26, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 11:17 AM