First day of spring

Felt bunny
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...and heeeeere's bunny!


My mum made something like this many, many years ago. And what with all my recent sewing and such, I felt compelled to do some of them, cause they're just so damn cute!

They are meant to be little 'egg warmers' for Easter. You put them over your (soft) boiled egg so they don't get cold before you eat it.

Imagine these happy fellas in different colours on the table: yellow, orange, purple and green.

T and I don't eat a lot of eggs, so we probably wont be using them like that. Instead I think I'll make a bunch of them and place in different places.

I was also thinking that if they were made large enough, you could use them to 'hide' chocolate Easter eggs... ^_^

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 9:45 PM