Eclectica vinculorum


Dog pillows or pillow dogs. Whatever to call them, I want the Chi Chi one!!

Wooster Collective: Graffiti Archives. Mmm...street art!

Real Life Simpsons Intro. Really quite good.

Under Odysseus. For all you Greek freaks. ;-)

Groupr. For a quick overview of your Flickr groups. Really great if you're a member of a lot of groups! Just put your Flickr name in the box and off you go.

Mus2 computer mouse. It looks like a cursor arrow. Neat-o.

Mount Tee Rises Again! So you think you have a lot of t-shirts?? Take a look at this guy's!

Kruktart. Why eat sweets when you can wear them??

Writely. The Web Word Processor. I so want to give this a try!

Google Mars. Like Google Maps, but with an 'r' instead of a 'p'.

Learn to Disco Dance. With some absolutely fab looking Finnish people. Hehe.

Saturday, March 18, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 3:09 PM