Crap Craft Fair

On the way to the gym this morning we kept seeing signs pointing to a craft fair, and it turned out that it was at the gym! So of course I had to go check it out after our workout, thinking I might get inspired to do some interesting stuff.

But I wasn't. The stuff that was there, was realy, really boring and half of it wasn't really crafts. And half of the rest was unimaginitive and looked like it was made from kits bought at HobbyCraft or wherever.

There were only a few stalls that had anything that could be called original, the rest was crap: Cushions with Disney characters (is it even legal to make that sort of thing?), cards that were simply assembled from readymade stuff, ditto jewelry, and there was a stall with Virgin cosmetics and a stall with Stringfellow stuff! What the hell??

When we left I was thinking: I could make things that are a lot better than that! But I wonder if there would be a 'market' for it here... If that craft fair is anything to go by... ;-)

Sunday, March 05, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 7:25 PM