Since I've thrown myself full-force into the madness of craftiness, I've been reading a fair number of crafty weblogs for inspiration and ideas. These are some of them.

My Paper Crane - plush things that are so cute you almost want to eat them!
plushyou - more cute softies.
Wee Wonderfuls - wee and wonderful, what more can you ask for?? And I have to try making her Pointy Kitty.
Thriftcraft - great ideas for thrifting (is that even a word??) from the person behind Wee Wonderfuls.
Whipup - so many great things, so little time!
Wise Craft - a bit of everything, and all so very pretty!
Crafting Japanese - oh don't you know it: all so cute!
Creative Collage - I don't really do collages, but I get really inspired by them nonetheless!

Thursday, March 09, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 9:56 AM