Carry On

For as long as I've known T, he's been 'threatening' to make me watch some of the Carry On films. I think he figured that since I love Monty Python so much, I'd love Carry On too.

Oddly enough he doesn't like Monty Python, so I'm not sure I see the logic in that. It certainly isn't a reciprocal logic.

So the other day there was actually one of those films on telly and we watched it. Or rather, he did. I found it excruciatingly boring. Nothing like Monty Python whatsoever. It's more like Benny Hill than anything else.

So, T, I guess your family is right. ;-)

PS. Wondering what the Carry On films are?? Taken from the article linked above:
The Carry On films were a long-running series of British popular low-budget comedy films. An energetic mix of parody, farce and double entendres, they are seen as classic examples of British humour.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 5:07 PM