Valentine Flower Rescue

Valentine Flower Rescue
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So it's Valentine and you're either skint or don't want to buy into the whole thing...

But you still want to do something for that special someone??

Well, Wardi can help you with that. You will make a drawing of some flowers! Think you can't draw?? Not a problem!

Here is what to do:

Follow this link to a drawing of a buket of flowers (in PDF format).
Print the drawing.
Take a new piece of paper, preferably one of the ruled variety, to add a feel of homemade-y-ness to the drawing.
Trace the buket and maybe adorn the drawing with some hearts or some cheesy lovey-dovey verse.
If you're feeling really bold, you can use different colour pens; especially high-lighter pens are good as they come in many colours.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 3:54 PM