More about those cartoons...

I found a couple of blog posts about them, and they are quite interesting.

As a journalist, it goes without saying that as far as free speech goes, I'm a big fan. But I also feel that when I write something that I have the responsibility to weight the repercussions of my article against the benefits of its printing. But not all journalists subscribed to this standard. Many view free speech as a blank check, and the majority of scholarship on the topic agrees that what I am doing is self-censoring.

These people are also being played big time by their leaders--they're allowed to protest in this way when the "government" lets them and it serves to increase their fervor toward their own way of life and against the "others".

And here's a Wikipedia entry about it. It outlines the controversy pretty thoroughly from what I can tell.

Apparently, it's ok when Arabic media prints the cartoons... During Ramadan no less. WTF??

Why can't we just live in peace with each other??

Thursday, February 09, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 12:58 PM