Fanaticism is scary

I feel like saying something about certain cartoons.

I cannot in any way understand the reaction to the caricature drawings of Muhammad. I can understand that Muslims take it very seriously, since it is a tenet of their belief that you can't make pictures of their prophet(s) lest it leads to idolatry.

But the things that are happening around the world at the moment... Ransacking the Danish embassy in Beirut?? Burning the Danish flag??

It's too much! It's over-reaction. And that's even an understatement!

Denmark has usually had a reasonably amicable relationship with Middle-Eastern countries, so what's going on at the moment is, well, fucking scary.

I must say that I think it was wrong of the paper in question to print the pictures. They should have known that it would have atleast some kind of repercussions. Apparently they even consulted the Centre of Middle-Eastern studies at one of the Danish universities prior to printing them, and they adviced against publishing them. Yet they went ahead with it anyway.

Yes, in the West we put great importance on freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. But does that exclude being sensible to other people?? To other people's beliefs?? What happened to using common sense and being respectful to others??

And the European newspapers who published the images recently, are they really fighting a battle for freedom of the press, or are they just provoking people?? Trying to get some attention?? If they had already seen the reaction, why make it worse??

Hopefully it is just fanatics and troublemakers taking advantage of this to put weight behind their claim that the West is out to get all Muslims. Which is bollocks. Noone could care less as long as they treat others with respect.

Funny how their behaviour perfectly mirrors exactly the image of Muslims that they are protesting against. Violence solves nothing. It doesn't make people respect you.

How can anyone who claims to be a religious person in any way justify what is happening at the moment??

I don't understand any of this and I'm afraid where it'll lead.

Sunday, February 05, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 7:07 PM