Bored now

Ok, i've been sat in the bosses big comfy swivel chair for three days now and i'm bored, tomorrow i may actually try to post some interesting observations,or at least a funny link, i know, i know, the boss is away and you think, it'll be great, sit on my arse in her big chair, drink her chocolate milk, put my feet up on her big desk. But you know what, sooner or later, you get bored and you get on with your job. Too much of a good thing eh.
See you tomorrow :)

Did i say drink her chocolate milk?? Hehehe, oh, now, what i meant to say was guard it with my life 24 hours a day! Not drink it at all, oh, no.Wardi presents guestblogger/chief tickler

Thursday, February 23, 2006 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 7:09 PM