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Dex made a comment about thinking the title for SFX was SEX, which is funny because those wacky people that run the magazine sometimes cover the bottom of the F on the cover, usually with some scantily clad SciFi babe, the general consensus is they do this on purpose, the SFX forum even has a chat thread about it...

Here, for Dex is my embarrasing SFX purchase moment, actually i think the shop assistant was more embarrased than me in the end...

It was way back in October of 2002, issue 122, i toddled off to get the latest issue from the local ASDA, I found the issue and took it up to the till, handed it over and the woman at the till did the bar code thing and it didn't register, so she typed it in by hand and it still didn't work, so she typed in the name of the magazine, only becasue Darth bloody Vader's head was obscuring the bottom of the "F" she typed in SEX Magazine, obviously nothing came up on her till so she said to me "Sorry love, i can't find a price for SEX magazine." When i explained her mistake she did a very good impression of a beetroot and couldn't stop appologizing for thinking i was some sort of pervert.

I mean, why would some sex magazine have Darth Vader flanked by Stormtroopers on the cover, that is gunna be some pretty weird kinky sex magazine " Take me Darth, take me!!"...

ASDA is great, SF(E)X is greater

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 12:03 PM