Service announcement Part 2

Wardi presents guestblogger

Flower is unable to access the internet at the moment because her ISP done fucked up!*
Normal services will be resumed as soon as.. ahh, who am i kidding?? Normal services ?? Here?? Never happen!!

I'm missing last week, she's missing this week, normal services??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thing will be as random as ever again as soon as they are and not a moment before! You mark my words!!

*Done fucked up is a technical term used only by computer geeks, it means they broked it!!!

-*-(If anybody spots any normality breaking out anywhere within please notify a supervisor as soon as possible, don't try to tackle it yourself, thank you.)-*-

Hmmm, you think maybe the boss isn't really internetless?? Maybe she's on a secret mission for the dreaded Denmarkian invasion force....check under your beds people...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 5:20 PM